My puppy wont stop eating...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by lucky strike, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. cat shit from the litter box, WTF IS WRONG WITH IT
  2. in before dogs sux cat rulz
  3. dogs sux cat rulz
  4. after dogs sux cat rulz
  5. dogs sux cat rulz

    edit: damned
  6. they both suck
  7. *random pictures to win dogs sux cat rulz argument*
  8. dog thinks otherwise
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  10. that's pretty normal for a dog really.
  11. My puppy went through a stage where she ate her own poo. I still make fun of her for it. Shes very embarassed.
    Anyways I think its normal, just make sure they have a good diet otherwise and the puppy will grow out of it.
  12. You make fun of your ndog? She's embarassed? wtf
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  14. I know wolves do it to mask their scent...puppies are probably just retarded though.
  15. i would try your cat poo, maybe it's tasty
  16. My dog used to eay rocks as a puppy and later had this wierd thing for sand.
  17. It's pretty common for dogs to love cat/horse/pig/rodent/dog poop. Your puppy is normal.
  18. Learn how to discipline your pet.
  19. You are only supposed to use positive reinforcement.
  20. Spot, do you need a Time Out©?
  21. Thats not positive reinforcement, so its obvious you don't know what it means or how to raise a dog well.
  22. Because cat shit is delicious?
  23. I had a puppy like that. shot it in the head and hung it up so the crows could get it. puppy skeletons are so cute.

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