My RX7 is a lot faster now.

Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by moosmann, Dec 6, 2004.

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  2. Uhm...its louder?
  3. Exhaust changes don't make your car idle ad 1500rpm.
  4. poor tuning?
  5. Its a rotary.

    Anyways I want a FC now........god i want one.
  6. You shouldn't have made this until after the dyno.
  7. Nah, probably not such a hot idea. There's no way anyone would guess.
  8. I'm guessing you finally got your supercharger on, myth busted.
  9. Blast, foiled again.

    Only took two months...I dunno if you want me to list what happened.
  10. Go ahead, I'm genuinely curious. I've never even heard of anyone supercharging the 13B, or any rotary until you got your kit. How are the results, or is too early to tell?
  11. I got the supercharger, then started installing it on my off-time from school (about 1 hr. per day). Went that way for about two weeks, everything going peachy-keen.

    Then I had to mount the blower. A/C line RIGHT in the way. I had to have the car towed to a shop to have the A/C discharged, then while the car was at the shop, I took another week to remove the complete A/C system and to finish up installing everything.

    I limped the car to the dyno, only to learn that my car was a heaping mess. The spark plugs were the wrong heat range, the spark plug wires were shot, and I forgot that I needed a boost gauge to tune properly.

    After waiting two weeks for MSD to whip up my 8.5mm low resistance plug wires, I installed them along with Iridium plugs, and I then drilled and tapped my lower intake manifold for the boost port. That was all fine and dandy, but then the fuel system commited suicide.

    I installed a bigger fuel pump and some 720cc secondary injectors to fuel the top end, only to learn that my secondary injector connectors were bad, along with the wiring, so if I ever took it above 3800rpm, my engine would explode.

    So I took care of that with a soldering gun and an endless search for old-style square, non spring clip injector connectors. But then the clutch hydraulics exploded.

    I learned that not only did my clutch line have a pinhole leak, but the clutch master cylinder popped off its reservoir, and the slave cylinder actually burst apart. Couldn't expect much from an 18 year old car, really. So I got all that figured out, which brings me to where I am now, awaiting fabrication of a test pipe to replace my clogged single cat and a good session on the dynapack 9000. There you have it.

    And if you're curious, the car actually has torque now. 2-3k RPMs is pretty tame, sort of like a normal car, but once you hit 4000rpm, the car just sort of gives you a wave of torque and horsepower, all while sounding like a damn airplane. I'm happy, and I still have about 20% more power left to find...
  12. Good to hear the results are satisfactory. You definetly got mad skillz and patience. Any mere mortal probably would have just broken down, curled up into the fetal possition, and cried themselves to sleep after the clutch cylinders commited seppuku.
  13. So, how much had you intended to spend on this, and what's the total at the moment?
  14. Very cool. I've always loved the idea of supercharging the rotary, though just like a turbo rotary, you better not let it run lean at ALL or you'll be rebuilding it on a regular basis...

    But a supercharger adds power where the rotary really needs it.

    Cool project!
  15. this is shit!!!!!!!!!!
  16. so are you, shut up
  17. I helped a wee bit on this project and I would have to venture he spent 4-5k on it
  18. Dyno Friday, along with test pipe. The car is running super-rich on the top end, so I have to tune the bugs out and see what she'll put down. Besides, the dynapack down at Motorsport Dynamics broke somehow, so Friday is the soonest. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    Chris: I know, I've heard your horror stories about running lean, so I've been running absurd settings on my piggyback fuel controller, so the initial run ought to show initial AFR readings in the 10s...

    You're right about the power. Now, whenever I drop a gear on the freeway, the car will accelerate as quickly as my ultra-torquey SC300. It has the low and midrange torque of a powerful 6 cylinder car coupled to the crazy top-end power of a rotary engine. The power delivery is the same, it's just that it has been improved, everywhere. Also, for the rotary freaks out here, keep in mind that the 5th and 6th intake ports are terminally opened!

    F1LM: The kit was $3kUSD (benefits of being a guinea pig), and everything else, including all the parts I had to buy, all shipping, labor for discharging the A/C, all that stuff, brought the total to around $4500. Yow.
  19. Cool, I hope the dyno test goes well.
  20. around how many psi are you running and are you on stock/old seals or new/after-market ones(apex seals that is)?

    great job btw, keep us posted on how it does on the dyno.
  21. I got a bit of a start when I saw the boost gauge read .6bar. I thought I bought the kit with an 8psi pulley, but the boost gauge is reading more of 9psi. My motor was replaced with a Mazda remanufactured motor (all stock) about 35,000 to 40,000 miles ago.
  22. just wanted to know if you are running low mid or high boost and on what type and condition seals. if i am not mistaking, the stock seals hold up pretty well to mild(up to a bar or more, circa 15 psi) of boost reliably, as long as you keep it from over revving, leaning out and over heating.

    i recall that many rotary owners run castor or synthetic(specific for your purpose and 2 cycle motors) in the fuel to help with longativity of the seals, but yah, thats after you pass emissions<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>.
  23. Removing the oil metering pump and running premixed amounts of two-stroke oil is more a thing of preventative maintenance. Occasionally, oil metering pumps fail, causing all oil going to the engine to stop in place and let the engine tear itself apart. It's rather nasty, and results in people losing complete engines (not just having the seals give out).
  24. Nice rx-7.It's been awhile seen I look at the forum here.The last time a checked,you where looking for an V8.Great car man!

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