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  1. streamliner
  2. the sketches i posted above are what i did in the last 2 months, i have more which i need to scan.
    my next step is calyu modeling..
  3. guys, do u know any site provide toturial for clay modeling. the best source i found is the forum of
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    Not sure what kind of tutorial you were looking for but I hope that helps.

    BTW, I like many of your own designs. I have been drawing my own designs for a while too, and we're probably very close in terms of skill. Do you draw just for fun or are you looking to become a designer? Also, how long have you been drawing cars?
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    thanks alot for these tutorials.
    i'v been drawing cars since i was 12 and i just do it for fun. and it is alwyes learning for me.
    can you post some of your work.
  6. That looks sweet.
  7. thnks
  8. I quite like a lot of these designs, nice work.
  9. thanks, all of those designs which iposted recently were done in 2 months, i need to scanthe new stuff which were done in the last two weeks
  10. i want to share these, sorry for the images quality, but soon i will scan them plus more...

    Hummer and some other ideas
  11. some camaro's ideas

    EDIT: this had been posted before with high-res scan.
  12. hot rod...
  13. gallardo hot rod (gall-rod)
  14. Buick Roadmaster roadster...
  15. Mid-engine van
  16. hearse based on PT Cruiser with hemi 6.4 engine
  17. some ideas of Buick Riviera...
  18. these sketches as well as more well be posted in high-res scans soon
  19. again, great stuff
  20. thank you
  21. You're improving too, the drawings look more refined.
  22. well, if i dont draw for more than one month, i feel my hand heavy, thats the reason.
    sometimes i just keep draw for the sake of drawing, and when i get an insperation or an idea i keep drawing for hours without stoping.
    btw, i did somting based on the 904 earlier, i will see if i can find it and post it..
  23. cool, looking forward to it <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  24. btw, this shape is very easy to draw, check what i did in 5 min just now.. it almost similar to what i did earlier, but that was in more details and from diffrent angles (side, front, rear, top and 3q)
  25. i forgot about this, this is my first and last time i draw bikes/choppers, i think i m good for 4 wheels machines only...

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