My trip to Naples Florida

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by lambo4791, Dec 27, 2004.

  1. I am in NAples Florida right now visiting my grandparents for christmas. Today on 5th Avenue I saw a Lambo SE30, Maserati Coupe, blue C6, and in Port Royal I saw a black Ferrari 550 and a Ferrari 360. Two nights ago I saw two black Conti GTs that were 20 feet apart, and a yellow Beetle limo for some bug exterminator company. Also, onw of our neighbors has an M5 and a 911 with an aero kit. I will try to get some pics to upload when I get home on the 2nd.
  2. We used to have a condo there at Heritage. Sold it, we could only get down there once a year, so it wasn't worth the costs. Have a great time! Enjoy that weather. Snow here in New Englnd today.
  3. I know man, I'm in New England too, crazy snow!
  4. Thanks man, the weather here isn't too great today. We are staying on Spyglass lane in Port Royal and I took a long walk today and got pics of some nice houses and looked for exotics. I also walked down 5th Avenue again and got pics of a yellow Lotus Elise, and pics and a video of a Ferrari 360 Spyder that was putting his top down, and then he revved it and took off. I also got a pic of the 360 Spyder with a 360 Modena in the background. I will post these in a week. Just for future reference, how do you post videos uploaded onto a computer. Like if i took a short video with a digital camera. Thanks in advance

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