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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by xDRAN0x, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. Oh shit it was a long movie.

    Couldn't figure out what the **** was going on most of the movie. Darth Vader's scene when he brings the ruckus should have lasted 30min, not 30seconds.

    3/10 won't watch again
  2. You're sexist. It's women empowerment.
  3. why all the new movies the girl is the hero and the guys die
    this is not the reality

    Rambo : First Blood is the reality
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  4. I saw it at 10:30 last night and kept falling asleep.

    Was it a good movie? I don't know. I don't really care for Star Wars all that much.

    I might see it again with my kid but he says he doesn't like Star Wars,
  5. it was indeed hard to stay tuned and keep the interest level above "**** this"
  6. My local theater had its grand reopening as the 7 showing yesterday. I got one of the best 3 or 4 seats in the house. They just finished updating to the same online reserved seating, leather recliners, etc as all the big theaters (small town, regional theater chain thats 1.1m from my house)

    Good, but not great. Not really a Star Wars movie in the same way Fantastic Beasts isn't really a Harry Potter movie, but they're both the better for it I think. I too was falling asleep but that's because I had popped a muscle relaxer and lortab immediately before.

    The main thing that kept bumping me was it seems like the first 20 minutes was just a ton of shots of 10 other movies that have nothing to do with this one, have little to no explanation, and just make you wonder if you're still watching previews.

    Not enough Forrest Whitaker. 3.5/5.
  7. Not going to watch it since it has nothing to do with the original Star Wars.
  8. Its a side story, i.e. milking the concept to its maximum
  9. I know. That's why i don't want to watch it. I rather have the original story line.
  10. After reading negative reports it was better than expected.
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  11. Somewhat interested, but lack of Vader is off putting.
  12. I care so little about Star Wars it's almost unbelievable
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  13. I agree
  14. what does he like then?

    how old
  15. im not really interested in it at all
    i like my space movies to have some of the constraints of space activity be part of it
    theres no gravity issues, manned fighters that corner like ww2 planes, slow lasers.
    i guess i like more realistic scifi
  16. I really liked the droid character.

    Was hoping for more Vader scenes.
  17. He's six. He's also really in to space right now, so I don't know why he wouldn't like Star Wars.

    He's perfectly happy to just watch science videos all day.
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  18. I suggest you wait a little bit for Event Horizon, Rob.
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