My two cents : The Jungle Book (2016)

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by xDRAN0x, May 10, 2016.

  1. So as you could guess I'm now an expert in kids movies, but this one is for the older crowd of kids hence why I went with my nephews.

    What a boring movie. The whole reason why that tiger is pissed is non-existant and wolves are depicted as weak kittens. Oh, and that actor. That little guy, what a bad actor. Its like if they casted the worst Bollywood leftover for this role. He can't sing, or act and even try to act. I was cringing the whole movie. He also walks in a girly manner.

    As with any Disney movies there are songs where characters just randomly spawn lyrics on mad beats but in this one, they weren't that good and not moving at all. I can't even remember any of them to be honest.

    Don't waste a dime on this movie, with whomever.

    1/10 for the special effects, animals look cool though.
  2. That's a shame because the trailer made it look like it would be awesome.

    The new Tarzan looks cool at least.
  3. I saw Zootopia one weekend and JB the next. JB was definitely good, but yeah the songs seemed forced and overall it felt like it lacked real direction or purpose. Pretty sure the only reason Kaa was in it at all was because they needed a way to bring in Baloo.

    But I must say, Ben Kingsley and Bill Murray were top choices and on their A game for sure.

    All that said, Zootopia was much better. Totally Pixar quality, and better than a few of them IMO
  4. Looking forward to that Zootopia Torrent indeed
  5. Well it's a movie for kids. What do you expect?
  6. Should have taken the kids to see Keanu. That movie has a kitten.
  7. you're not the real pandabeat
    who you trying to fool
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  9. You

    It seems I failed though
  10. Sounds horrible

    Looking forward to the next episode of My two cents
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