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  1. My swords were made in China. That's quality right there.
  2. yur family gets guns for christmas....okay what ghetto did yu come from?
  3. here is one of mine
  4. is that "katana" made in the traditional way or is it just a catalog replica? can't tell too much from the pics. a traditionally made katana would run in excess of $500 easily. not something you go home to sharpen yourself...

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    Its definitely not a replica. And it looks in every way identical to this one, but mine isnt a replica.
    Edit: Click on the main picture to see more pics of it.

    And even then, the handle on mine seems more stylised, that one just has a big ugly metal block put there, im sure i could easily get 1000+ USD for it, but theres no way in hell im ever selling it, and dont worry, im gonna get it sharpened by a professional.
  6. that looks absolutely awesome, how much would one of those cost?
  7. If you buy it from a company like the website i said in the laid post, 1000+ USD.

    However i bought mine in Japan by professionals in the traditional arts stuff, and bought it for 90-100$ US, those guys have no idea of how much the swords they make are worth.
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  9. so you got a better authentical one for less money, great!
  10. Yeah, its a bit like if you bought those indian woodcarving tables thing, if you buy them here, their uber expensive and often bad quality, if you go in india, their worth near nothing and are flawless.
  11. It certainly isn't cooler than the 19th century beer tankard I have lying around that has a decorated iron lid that just happens to have the name H. Sjöstedt on it.
  12. Pics.
  13. No. I'm home for Xmas and it's 600 km away.

    EDIT: And to be perfectly honest, I wouldn't even if it was sitting next to me.
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    interesting swords on that site. while it's obviously not a cheap catalog replica, i'm quite skeptical about that site. why? firstly it sells cheap crap katanas along with the ones like this one. secondly, they DON'T have specs! not dimensions but what steel, what blade geometry, etc. it's quite obvious to my skeptical mind that the site is trying to make mad money on a 7/10ths traditional katana.

    the biggest thing that makes me skeptical is the lack of enthusiam in describing the blade. a traditionally made katana is a work of art and the people who make them will have much pride in it when they talk about it, not just: iron tsuba, edo period, etc. what style is the hamon line? the hada? is it even folded steel? what about the blade geometry? from the pics on that site, the blade geometry looks to be off. and why is the mekugi (handle peg) sticking out so much? and the mekugi is also a poor grade of bamboo by its color.

    the point is that while the blades on that site are very nice, take it for what it really is: a traditional-style katana with corners cut.

    please excuse me if it sounds like i'm bashing your katana or it's style/construction. that's not my intention. my intention is to point out that while it does look traditional, it isn't as close as it can be.
  15. ok, now i know that sword isn't traditionally made. even the cheap stainless steel katanas cost that much. any "professional" in japan should know the real value of a katana. either that or you just got the deal of the century...
  16. Replica Katanas can be very well made, properly forged, and also very expensive. Just because it is a production copy of a museum piece, one should not assume it is "bad".
  17. yes replicas can be very well made, but 99.9% aren't. production pieces usually aren't forged and folded. want a real hamon? easily done with less expensive stuff like 1095. fake a hamon? acid etched stainless steel usually. real same and cotton/silk wrap handles? easily replicated. mass produced tsuba? a phone call away. menuki, kojiri and all that stuff? another phone call.

    selling a bunch of "cheap" stuff put together nicely for $1000? priceless.

    let's see what you can't replicate without more work involved: hada or grain structure of the folded blade, a special or specific style of hamon line, other marks above or within the hamon that makes it an "active hamon", blade geometry, tip shape, special/different handle shape, different blade cross sections, different blade grinds, etc. etc.

    the best part about this is that you need a properly polished blade to reveal most of these things such as the hada and active hamon. so while an antique katana will look like crap unpolished, a replica will actually look the same and be considered "traditional" when we can't see the fine but significant differences.
  18. Isn't that why its normal a proper polish job could run more than the cost of a traditional style katana?
  19. As i said, in India you can buy woodcarving tables that would usualy be worth 10,000$ for only a few dollars. Its the same for the sword i bought, so i guess i got the deal of the century.
  20. In Japan katanas have alot of spiritual, historical and in ways religious associations-- I doubt its comparable.
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    There is a properly done knock-off. It will run you 7500 US. The only problem with it is that it is expediently made with a cable damascus. as the bass for the fold-forged steel.
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    Wow thats a very nice one, the blade on mine is identical, however the handle seems a bit different, mine has some sort of dragon shapes on it, also the scabbard seems a bit different.
  23. His is purple silk wrap over black ray skin with a white ray-skin inlay.

    Edit-His are not as well pollished as most of the one's you will get from other makers.
  24. Those are weak blades, if you stabbed a rhino 3 times with it it would probably break. I wouldn't ever want to be caught in the jungle with one.

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