My wife will birth a male baby

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by extrasuperpowr, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. It's true.
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  2. Didn't this already happen?
  3. I have a daughter
  4. Way to assume gender
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  5. I got a "female" human being on the way as well. "She" will be born sometime in March
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  6. Oh. Nice diversity. Congrats!
  7. Why do you have multiple children? They will tear each other apart and then you will have just parts of children around.
  8. I'll scrap those parts and go on vacation then
  9. congrats on the baby

    what do you think you will name him
  10. Scrap(s)
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    If Youre Happy And You Know It Part 2 - [NOT CLICKBAIT][BEST EVER][GONE COOL]
  12. White and male

    Disgusting of you deciding what race and gender your kid is. Let the baby decide itself.
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  13. Congtars on the EXTRA-extrasuperpower
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  14. Congratulations!
  15. Contarulations
  16. Congtars! :D
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  17. How long until he's takin bong rips with pops?
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  18. Congratulations, Mr. extrasuperpowr. May he be as handsome as your daughter is cute.
  19. Ace
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  20. 18 years.
  21. Have they ever diagnosed you with narcissism?
  22. I wonder how uncle Modus Operandi is doing. Is uncle McLaren777 still in the picture?
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  23. gotta set an alarm to countdown to those nasty bong rips.
  24. I wish I still had my old unicorn avatar

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