My wife will birth a male baby

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  1. You still doing those mad bong rips(shit it's legal now) and the salt water fish tanks?

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  2. OMG it's you!

  3. Fucking found it!
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  4. Andy is ok. I haven't seen him personally in ages but we exchange frequently on Facebook. He's currently temporarily laid off from work during the pandemic, so he's been learning how to sew. My wife let him borrow (maybe permanently) one of her old sewing machines and he's been making masks. Originally he was making them for her staff at the hospital where she works. But they have enough now and he's just been making them for the general public and put a thing on Facebook about how he'll do a drive by and throw them in people's driveways like a paperboy.

    He's a good guy but just a very doesn't dude.

    777 on the other hand literally has not changed in any way. I haven't seen him in ages but do follow him on FB just to stay in the loop and occasionally get some good/strange laughs.
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  6. What's a "very doesn't dude"
  7. Belated congrats and many blessings in return
  8. auto-corrected misspelled decent
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  9. Probably meant to say "strange."
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    Dad dude congtars on all the sex!
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  11. Fun story, this baby was created with more science and less sex.

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