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  1. I heard that a formula 1 car could conceivably drive upsidedown, given that there was a ceiling track. Is this true? How much do the aerodynamics of an F1 car actually affect it's down-force? In other words, how much does an F1 car weigh at... say.. 200mph? And if it is due to spoilers and aerodynamics, could this car then go upsidedown if there were an upsidedown track. If possible I would like to know answers to these questions specifically. Not exactly but about, in pounds, and actual numbers. Thanks....
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    cars weights dont change at dif speeds, the amount of downforce they generate varies at dif f1, due to the high speeds, every little thing affects the downforce and aerodynamics of a car

    i.e. one f1 team had its website address on a decal on a rear wing; they tested the car in a wind tunnel, and found that the decals edge was costing them 50-80 lbs of downforce

    "...Harness the lift, and you have flight. Exploit downforce, and your race car can be inverted, sucked to the ceiling of a tunnel.
    In road course trim, where ground effects are paramount, a race car can generate 5000 lb. of downforce (i.e. some 3 times its weight). Its Cd by the way, might well exceed 1.3 in such configuration. Set up for a super speedway, typical downforce might be 1500 lb.; its Cd, perhaps 0.70.

    To put these in perspective, today's best road car Cds are probing 0.25. On the other hand, no road car is capaple of running sucked to the ceiling.

    ...a modern race car could generate twice the downforce - to more than 10,000 lb."
    -Road and Track, June 2002 (Article on Aerodynamics of Road and Race Cars)

    The way to adjust the downforce generated by an F1 car is to tinker with the wings, mainly the front one, as the front wing generated 40% of the total downforce.
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    it's true
    a f1 car can drive upside down at 100mph
    actually there are road cars that can even drive upside down
    the Saleen S7 can drive upside down at 165mph
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    wouldnt it be cool if there was like an upside down f1 series
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    in the mean time why dont you stick to your hotwheels super looper track set.
  7. An F1 car at speed can generate up to about 5G. Thus it would weigh about five times it's normal weight of about 1300 lbs!!! And if you were in it, your head would way five times it's normal weight! This is why F1 cars hurt the neck muscles!

    AND yes, it could actually drive upside down, because the aero package would generate lift (the opposite effect of downforce), pressing the car against the surface of the tunnel. Of course it might not be possible to get the car onto the ceiling because an F1 can not drive sideways on a wall on the way up.

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