N20 in Viper whoops @ss!

Discussion in '1993 Rinspeed Viper Veleno' started by ShuemyFan, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I saw a viper the other night with a nitrous express system in it that really impressed me. It was about a '94 or so RT/10 b/c it still had the stock side exhaust, and a 200-shot dry system linked to it. Pulling out of the parking lot he purged the system and it was a nice loud "PSHHHHHHHHHHHH!" that really impressed me, it looked at home on the viper. so those who criticize the bottle on a viper have to see it to appreciate it.

    and if you're reading this VENIMOUS, give me a shout out, i love your car!<!-- Signature -->

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