N2O is non-flamible

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  1. Why do people ever scince Fast and the Furious think that n2o is flamible. Just because after theat car gets the shit blow out of it and vin deisal yeals "shit nos run" people think it is flamible. The only reason it would cause an explosion is because of heat making gases in the tank move faster so they need more room so eventualy it will blow because of preasure not because it is flamible.
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    NO2 (not N2O) is flammable, you fruit. Combine it with another fuel and there you go.

    The way NO2 works is that under compression it releases an oxygen atom, leaving NO and oxygen gas. The oxygen gas (which is HIGHLY flammable) allows the engine to burn more fuel per intake stroke (14.3 parts air to every part gas. if you have, say, double the oxygen, you can burn double the gas you can normally burn).
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    Well said.I'm sure a bunch of guys thinks that N02 is a sort of fuel.N02 is 66% of oxygene and 33% of nitrogene.So more oxygene with more fuel equal more power.
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    go to school, man. nitro has a lot of oxygen in it, and you know what that means, but then again...
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    And next time, it's f-l-a-m-m-a-b-l-e not farkin f-l-a-m-i-b-l-e
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    it is not NO2.... it is N2O. it is one oxygen atom and two nitrogen atoms.
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    Yeah, it's N2O, NO2 is Nitrous dioxide. NOS basically injects more O2 into your intake runner, or directly into each cylinder thus allowing more fuel to be added.

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    Actually, today's fuels have an octane rating of like 96 or 97. I'm pretty sure nitro has a 100-octane rating, meaning it's explosions are more powerful, giving the engine more power.
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    N2O itself is not flammable and that is the bottom line. the reason that we get a boost in power when we shoot N2O is due to the fact that N20 breaks apart at high temperatures and pressures (i.e. the conditions in a combustion chamber after its compression stroke). the breakage produces nitrogen and oxygen gas. this is basically oxygen enriched air. so, unless you live inside a piston cylinder, you don't have to worry about blowing yourself up with nos. otherwise, nos remains stable so you guys can breathe it and become dumber.

    if the nos were in a tank like in fast and the furious, it would cause an explosion only because it is being heated at high temperature and a very high pressure (tank could be at 2MPa.)
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    N2O doesn't have an octane rating. you need octane in something for there to be an octane rating
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    The reason N2O increases power is because it contains a higher precentage of oxygen then air. Normal air is about 20% oxygen while N2O is 33.33% oxygen. Oxygen is a vital component of combustion, so more oxygen means an increased combustion rate and more power.
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    Nitrous Oxide is NOT flamable in that form: once it breaks up into Oxygen and Nitrogen at high temperatures, THEN Nitrogen and Oxygen are flamable. try lighting nitrous oxide and see what happens: nothing. only after heating it to extreme temperatures, will it break down and then ignite, but by then it is no longer Nitrous Oxide, but O2 and N2.....geez idk where these people get these crazy ideas...
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    Compcoup got it right. With N2O, the O just breaks off like nothing because it's barely bonded to that N2. I know, I know. In high school Chemistry, you learned about valence electrons and such. And you probably are saying something like, N2 DOESN'T HAVE ANY FREE VALENCE ELECTRONS, ASS-PHAROAH! Well... yeah, but, as son of Spooge-Puddle and brother of Jizz-Rag (which, before you ban me, are acceptable term on a site dedicated to cars. If you ever worked at a garage, you will have seen tons of it), I went a little further in Chemistry. O can jump onto an N when two Ns are tripled up like that and, in the atmosphere/conditions of an engine-cylinder, the relation breaks up. And now you got a bunch of O running around, and it finds Gasoline and relationship sparks... pun intended.


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    ok this is how nitrous oxide works. All combustion engines need oxygen.But how do we get more oxygen into a running engine? well there is a way. Nitrous oxide is heated by the the after market system and released into the engine. when nitrous oxide is heated to aobut 570 degrees F(~300 C),its splits into oxygen and nitrogen. Therefore, the injection of nitrous oxide produces results becuase now there is more oxygen availible during combustion.consequently,because there is more oxygen the engine can also burn more fuel ,alowing the same engine to producemore power.Nitrous oxide is one the most efficient ways to provide horsepower to any gasoline combustion engine.Another byproduct of the endothermic reaction involved when injecting nitrous oxide into and engine is that it improves performance even more by providing signifcant cooling effect on the intake air.As that intake temperature is reduced,the air's density increases, and this provided even more oxygen to the combustion chamber which means again more power.nitromethane(CH3NO2)works in the same matter except that its like having nitrous oxide already in the fuel.
  15. One word I havent seen yet is that NOS is an Oxidizer...adding more O2 to the mix for more BANG! NOS in a Viper is a wild idea...throw the spray into the 800TT and hang onto your ass for celestial orbit will be forthcoming. Why not give the McClaren a 'Go Baby Go' button and make it stupid fast? Why not add spray to all cars?(not practical, i know) My whole take on this...certain cars should have NOS put on for 'entertainment purposes' such as SEMA. An example of this would be the Ford Contour SVT Puff. Even tho it didnt work out, they still gave it a whirl.



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