Nagasaki Bombing Labelled a Crime

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Jap Performance Eat Dust, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. At least my patriotic morts as how the REAL WORLD is. You're #%[email protected] about geneva conventions and the hauge BS, but if canada was really about to lose it's sovergnty to an invading force, I guarantee you would be yelling to nuke the enemy.

    You're full of shit.
  2. Why are you talking about things that ban war crimes? I'm talking about making things unfair for your enemy. Like having superior weapons, intelligence, training, etc.

    I guess wars should be fist-fights between guys that are the same size and have had the same amount of training. That would be fair, after all.
  3. Shut up dude. If nuclear weapons are so a-ok, why did Bush make such a stink about removing them from Iraq?
  4. You're an idiot.
  5. america was even treathening us dutchies to invade holland, if we sued american soldiers that made war crimes in kosovo/bosnia.
  6. Holy crap. I'm just going to stop now because you're either jerking me around or your logic is completely non-existant. I don't think the difference between a country like the US, UK, France, etc. having a nuclear weapon and someone like Saddam, Ahmadinejad, or Kim Jong Il having a nuke should even need to be stated.
  7. Haha. You can't possibly be that dumb. I hope not, anyway.
  8. That's almost a good point, except that those people only hate America, so really... I never had a problem with them owning nukes.
  9. Great! Name calling...The indirect admission of defeat because you don't have anything intelligent or logical to say. Congrats!
  10. Now I'm positive that you're not serious.

    Please tell me you're not serious.
  11. Yes yes, I'm defeated. You're right, I love America and I want you to protect me.
  12. A little economic destruction would be good for this continent. Everyone here is so fat and complacent.
  13. haha
  14. true
  15. WWII was an atrocity. The use of nukes was a terrible thing, but in the end bombing of industrial centers was acceptable at the time, even if it caused civilian deaths. It was a war and we attacked industrial centers.

    Wheelman, shut up. Bucknutz is not saying that the ends justified the means, he is saying the bombs were a choice of a lesser evil.

    For Japan to never officially apologize for thier war crimes and then say that America is in the wrong really shows some messed up logic.
  16. Edit: America is evil.
  17. I agree that there aren't many lesser evils than America, I am suprised that you are making such a pro-america statement.
  18. lawl, i need to pay more attention.
  19. Haha. Yeah, I wondered where that came from.
  20. Doing too many things at once caught up to me.
  21. I said yes (1st word in my reply)

    At some point in time a decision was made by the commanders to target civilian areas. Before that point in time those civilians were not 'directly' involved in the conflict. It's fairly straight forward to define the start and end point of the act that lead to them being wiped out. I didn't mean in isolation, ignoring political motivation, long term strategy, knock-on effects etc, I meant looking at just that particular event from mission start to mission end. Point taken.

    Who said that ?
    It's the result that defines the atrocity not the threat or the delivery method.
  22. True, but most military historians agree that more people would have been killed in a full-scale war than were killed by the atomic bombs (including subsequent radiation poisoning).

    Yes, the lesser of two evils is still an evil, but it ought always be measured against its brother.
  23. All civilian bombing is a crime of sorts, but it was just the way things were done back then.

    Jap Performance eat Dust is still a retard, though.
  24. there is no law during wartime is there?
  25. There wasn't at the time. Now there is. Geneva Convention and such.

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