NAIAS 2007 by Sox

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by srsocx, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. SCN is being retarded, so it's going to take a while to get all of my pictures on here. Sorry for my generally shitty photography skills, and the lack of an engine bay pic for the MKR (which is quite sexy in person, and Lincoln NEEDS to build), I couldn't get a good picture, the turbo piping was too reflective. Anyway, Let's see if I can get these suckers uploaded.
  2. have them 800X600... loads faster.
  3. HOLY SHIT this is retarded SCN keeps replacing the pictures

    #$%# SCN, I ain't uploading all my pictures. Admin, this site sucks.
  4. Do they have a MazdaSpeed3 there?
  5. yup theres a blue one (atleast i think it was blue) i didnt get pics though
  6. you are all lucky bastards!
  7. hey sox when were you there?
    I was there the 13th from open till about 530
  8. You can only add 22 pictures per post. Afer 22 and it replaces them.
  9. Blake and I will be there all day next friday. Then we're meeting up with Venom for some karting on friday night. CAN'T wait!
  10. This is an artifact of your connection to the SCN server, which was probably intermittent when your were uploading.

    I can suggest uploading fewer shots at a time.
  11. Nice one dude! Waiting for that link...
  12. 22 pics? This will be fixed.
  13. did you get my PM?

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