Name 1 front engine car 160k of under that could beat this

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  1. Re: Name 1 front engine car 160k of under that could beat this

    i can name a car under 160k thats faster then ur dodge viper
    the 2003 dodge viper concept with the same upgrades
  2. Bull shit! the slower the car the more expensive its going to cost and most supras cant hang with a moded Viper!
  3. i dont know where you get your info on the hennessey 800tt price because it is wrong. there is a difference between quoted price(invoice) and the real price(msrp). dont use a companies home page to give you a correct price. use a website like car and driver
  4. The price of 160k, was when the 800tt first came out. Now you can buy the 800tt kit for 42k (plus the price of the viper)

  5. DodgeMS-4 your prices are so #$%#ing far off for tuning a sc300 it is sad. new supra engines are hell of a lot more than 3000 dollars. i have seen price quotes in upwards of 6000 dollars. and tuning gets exponentially more expensive once your over 600 hp in that car. not only that you have to do major rear axel beefing up and a lot of electronics upgrades which are a bulk of the price. i can at least give hennessey credit for making that much horsepower as a relatively cheap price.
  6. If you live in England or any where R34 Skylines are avaliable then and track prepared Skyline would be able to beat this on a track e.g around 650bhp which is the ideal horse power for a track prepared skyline along with trck tyres uprated suspension and lightened flywheel and twin plate clutch. If you are talking about drag strip performance then again a drag prepared skyline would be able to beat this because the amount of horse power avaliable from the RB26 engine and the high level of grip.
  7. Why the hell do people think that a modifyed Skyline can beat it? the only car that stands even a chance is the Corvette legenfeilter.
  8. i like to see you accomplish that feet with only $160000 for the car. and here is the catch that maybe you didn't think of, the engine has to be able to do it time and time again.
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  10. "
    Lets start with Acceleration.

    0-60 and 1/4 mile times help a little here, but for a Track, the most acceleration that's done is from a certain speed to another.

    For example, when a car comes out of a turn it might come out at 60mph or 100mph then accelerate.
    The car that can go from one designated speed to another the fastest would have the best acceleration for track conditions."
    McLaren F1 is considerably older and geared for higher speeds. Secondly, its still better regardless of any statistics. Its a McLaren F1. Thats all there is to it. A Viper is still a viper, regardless.
  11. Oh, wait were you talking about Hennessey 800TT viper? I thought you were talking about production cars, sorry, guess I'll have to post non-production cars.

    In that case I know some of those I listed would beat this, but I guess I'll have to post others
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    That's a full blown dragcar probably running on drag slicks and racing gas.

    Eitherway Chads 7second street legal Viper will still beat that Skyline and has full interior with a badass sterio system, that Skyline is just a POS that run's 8.2 in the 1/4mile.

    How about a Tommy Kaira verison of a Skyline vs a Hennessey Viper? Lets see who win's then.

    Thats more fair that some full blown dragster vs a very streetable Viper.

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