Name 4cyl cars with paddle shift

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by FerrariKing, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. can you all please list as many cars as you can think of that fit this criteria.

    year doesnt matter
    4 cyl
    minimum 100kw or 140hp
    paddle shift

  2. Alfa selespeed and some VW's with DSG i guess?
  3. The latest MR2 had the option of a really really shitty paddleshift. But I would versions with the paddleshift are rare (and rightly so).
    And to add to dallas list, other newer VAG products like the hotter Seats and Skodas had DSG options too.
  4. GTI
    EVO X
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
  6. Audi A3
    Audi TT
    Seat Leon FR
    Skoda Octavia RS
    hasn't the new Euro Civic also got that semi-auto with padelshifts?

  7. New Scirocco. DSG, baby.
  8. VW Golf GT/GTi DSG
    Seat Leon
    Audi TT
    Alfa Romeo 156/147 2,0 Selespeed
  9. Please post your avatar, thanks.
  11. Acura CSX
  12. I was about to say the CSX, though I'm not sure how much power it has.
  13. out of all of these, how many are true paddle shifts. ive personally driven a citroen c2 with paddle shift and it wasnt really anything realistic. it would take 1 second to change, and didnt seem like i was changing the gears. more like me telling the gearbox, hey i want to down change, and it going.. ummmm yeah ok, hang on....

    im not expecting ferrari paddle shift out of these cars, but at least be a manual control of the gears.

  14. Any of the post 2004 (here in NZ at least) Alfa 147s/156s with selespeeds have paddles. They work about as good as any paddleshifts for the price will. They work best if you ease off the throttle a little when you shift as you would in a manual.

    To my knowledge all the other 'paddleshifts' are DSG type automatics rather than the Alfa Selespeed system which is more like a basic version of the Ferrari/Maserati shift of the time. It functions as a manual unless you specify 'city' (automatic) mode by pressing an override button as you start the car up.
  15. DSG or bust.
  16. That is the case with most paddle shift cars, even high end.

    The VAG one is said to among one of the best though.
  17. We have the VAG one in our race car and it is fast.
  18. Chevy Malibu
  19. That has 170hp
  20. why do you want a 4 cylinder car with paddle shift?
  22. was just doing some research.... i dont want the whole car. just engine and transmision. id probably end up looking to a proper manual, but just doing research
  23. are you gonna design your own car with flappy paddles nicked from another car?

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