Name a car that can beat Saleen S7 TT Competition

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by F50Fanatic, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. Did Top Gear ever had any Saleen on their show?
  2. No, and they never will, because the S7 isn't officially on sale in Europez.
  3. its only 1000hp at full throttle..not at half..or 3/4
  4. Yes...that's why you do a 2000rpm clutch dump for a good launch....because a 5000rpm clutch dump with this car would put 800hp and close to 1000 lb./ft. of torque through the tranny (annihilating it) improperly, too qucikly, and smoke the rear tires through 80 mph.
  5. are there any reviews/comparisons/any credible numbers for this car?
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    Veyron (AWD, +1001 Hp, 7 speed DSG)
    FXX (806 Hp, 1180 Kg, F1 gear, intelligent rear diff, F1 suspension, active aero dynamics etc etc)
  7. The weyron won't cut the mustard. The Fxx might or might not.

    This morning I thought it might might might might might be possible for the SSC Aero Ultra to compete, but I have no scope whatsoever to it's ability to put it's power down, handle, or even if it's meant to be used as a seriously performance car.
  8. The S7 has got a lot of power, but it is low tech vs. high tech.

    The lightning quick gear shifts, the active suspension, advanced aero dynamics, composite brakes, and the lower weight will make the FXX kill the Saleen on a track I think....
  9. McLaren F1.
  10. Ferrari FFX is pretty much superior in every way, but then again it is a track car.
  11. of course the FXX will make short work of it. but the FXX is not a street car and shouldnt even be in this comparisson just as much as the Mazda 787B shouldnt be. sure its based on an enzo but a completely unrestricted enzo with no cats or mufflers. it wasnt even bound by racing regulations or anything. im sure if the S7 was stripped and had no cats and was pushed to its limits like an enzo was to make the FXX, it would destroy the FXX
  12. This thread is horrible, I hate you all
  13. likewise
  14. fiat panda
    mini cooper s
    and the volkswagen golf might have a chance.
  15. While the shifts in the FXX might be quiker it won't make a significant difference. Only on tracks where the surface alternates between bumpy and smooth through the corners (varied requirements for suspension frequency) will the active suspension make a difference. They both produce immense amounts of downforce but with low drag, the S7 TTC I believe has more downforce (with the wing and ground effects improvements fromthe original approx. 3000 lbs of downforce).

    Overall it would be very close if they used the same tires. My vote goes to s7 but only by a little.
  16. Truthiness. Nothing about the S7 is low tech, especially it's performance, particularly as it regards to downforce. The bits of special of tech the FXX has, I don't believe it's enough to overcome a 200hp deficit and the surpreme downforce it generates, regardless of a 300lbs advantage and diminishing returns at 4 digit power levels, assuming the S7TTC hasn't lost any weight either.

    With that, I'd like to say, the Mc12 Corsa might stand a decent chance, too.
  17. I'm not so sure. About the only thing holding a street car back from race car couterpart performance is tires and grip. The S7 has the grip. If it had the track going tires (no big deal for any said S7TTC owner), I think the FXX would have to really work for it. It it won't have navigation <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>.
  18. Why don't we compare the S7-R with an unrestricted V8 which makes over 800 bhp since it isn't street legal like the FXX
  19. Anyone who mentions the Ultimate Aero needs to remember, despite it's hp/tonne ratio pusking 1K, that there has been NO real magazine testing of it by anyone except R&T, who got it thorugh the slalom faster than the Enzo. So, wait till next spring before throwing it out there.
  20. Seriously. The FXX is a racecar and the S7TTC is a road legal race car. The S7-R is a much better match imo.
  21. no, the S7-R would most probobly be slower then the FXX because of the racing restrictions which the FXX does not need to abide by.

    the S7R has only 600HP as stated by

    but yes, comparing the FXX to the S7TTC is not a fair competition. the FXX is a different league. its a track car only
  22. as much as i would love to agree with you, and i do, [i love the S7] im realistic in saying [on second thought itd be close] the FXX will make short work of an S7, and still fairs a good chance if the S7 had slicks

    for refrence

    -1338 kg

    -790 HP

    [218kg dif]

    MC12 Corsa
    -755 HP
    -1150 kg

    [223 kg dif]

    tires aside... it would be close. take into account it IS using a significant amount of boost so there will be turbo lag. it wont have 1000 horsepower right out of the turn.

    -im being realistic here, i love the S7 more then cheesecake, and im a man who loves my cheesecake

    EDIT: F50GT would also certainly give it a run for the money, 907 kg and 720 HP, a 0-60 of 2.9 shows that its measily torque figure of 384 isnt hindering its acceleration one bit.

    mmhhhm cheesecake
  23. If you want to streach it (like including the FXX) you could say teh Ferrari 512m that was made for the mulsanne straight, if you really want to streach the 333sp. But as for road legal cars you would be really hard pressed, obviously for a shorter tighter track the Capro but for somthing A little more open i think teh S7 tt competition might have it.
  24. Yes but i do not care if the S7-R would be slower than the FXX, i'm simply stating the fact that people are comparing a road legal supercar to a track day race car. That is stupid.

    Anyways on the subject, i'm not going to claim this and that can beat anything, after all i haven't seen any track data for the S7 (IE Sport Auto) and they most likley never will.

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