Napoleon Dynamite: Sold the #$%# out

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Big Rob, Dec 22, 2004.

  1. One Hollywood Video, one Wal-Mart, one Super Target, one regular Target, and two Blockbusters later, still no Napoleon Dynamite in my DVD player. Stupid #$%#s.
  2. I picked one up with no effort at Target. They had like 4 of them
  3. You stupid #$%#.
  4. what the hell is that?
  5. its a movie, word on the street is its awesome
  6. burning in your ass
  7. His lover gave that to him.
  8. We also rented it, come watch it later.
  9. whats the movie based on?
  10. Life.
  11. its such a stupid movie IMO.
    "What are you doing today Napoleon?"
    "whatever I FEEL like doing. GOSH!"
    I want to beat that freak's head in so bad.
  12. maybe if you tell someone at walmart that you have an xB they'll break into the super secret stash for you.
  13. i dont like it either pointless.
  14. Go to Best Buy. The will have it.
  15. Whoa! You're back!
  16. kinda like proper punctuation, eh?
  17. I'm downloading it, never saw it.
  18. I tried that.
  19. Downloaded it..Wow that movie was dumb. Want my download time back.
  20. all you people who say its lame will be quoting it within the day
  21. shut up you freakin idiot!
  22. No I won't
  23. that movie blew my nuts hard
  24. I watched it last night, it is pretty hilarious. Dryest movie i've watched in... well forever.
  25. I'm getting it now.

    Just incase, BitTornado is such much better than BitTorrent.

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