NASCAR to purchase Grand Am

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by rabbitl1, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. NASCAR to purchase Grand-Am

    DAYTONA BEACH -- NASCAR Holdings today announced an agreement to acquire the Grand-American Road Racing Association.

    The future move will allow for resource sharing between Grand-Am and NASCAR while both organizations continue to operate independently.

    NASCAR Holdings is the legal operating entity that includes the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing and many of its subsidiaries.

    Grand-Am, one of the world’s most competitive road racing organizations, and NASCAR, the No. 1 spectator sport in the U.S., will combine marketing and communications efforts to include brand management, research, marketing and public relations.

    Grand-Am consists of six racing series, including the Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series and the Grand-Am KONI Challenge Series, which has millions of loyal fans.

    "This combination of resources will benefit Grand-Am and NASCAR, their competitors and fans, as the two companies work together to enhance the two sports," said Jim France, NASCAR vice chairman and Grand-Am founder.

    The two racing brands will continue to independently sanction and officiate race events for their own series and there will be no change in management. Roger Edmondson will continue to serve as president of Grand-Am.
  2. Insert comments about nascar not being a real sport/wwe nascar is shit the drivers cant drive the cars don't turn and stop nascar is stupid here. ( )
  3. One more product of Nascar Bosses making easy money of stupid americans.....

    half the spetators of Nascar know nothing about racing outside Nascar. They think driver atittude is bumping someone rear end......

    I can't think of one good thing that has come out of Nascar, thumbs of for Dale Jr and Sr for racing the C5r back when we had SPEEDVISION! not SPEED!
  4. There are regular rednecks yes, but there are also many fans that also follow other series. Stop being a bigot.
  5. Nascar not a real sport, shit drivers cant drive bricks in ovals, nascar is stupid
  6. What's with all the American series coming together lately?
  7. This didn't have to happen, but if the unification of IRL and Champ Car didn't happen, both would have died.

    IRL isn't amazing yet, but they've got BIG plans, and I'm really excited to see what they come up with. They'd like to return to turbo power, and bring in more engine manufacturers, Porsche is interested.
  8. Has anyone posted NASCAR's buying AMA too? Yeah.
  9. And from a buddy of mine who follows AMA religiously, they're already ruining it too...
  10. Your buddy is an idiot.

    They did not buy supercross or arenacross, since those are owned by Livenation. They got flat track, hillclimb, two atv series and superbike.

    Flat rack is a dying sport that needs exposure to survive. Its some of the most exciting racing you will ever see, but nobody sees it since its not on tv and not advertised.

    Superbike needs some help also.

    Give it some time and see how things go.
  11. From what I've heard (from someone who knows) is that most all the bike makers are leaving the series in 09. Not exactly good...
  12. He/I don't follow dirt bikes, he follows the sport bike, which in his opinion are being #$%#ed up by the Frances big time...
  13. I heard the complete opposite, they are going to keep a class for the factory bikes, that is what they were worried about since the sale.
  14. Most auto racing is shit FTW
  15. can billy idol explain why they put a caution out on the track, even though there is absolutely nothing wrong?

    how is that racing and not "racetainment"
  16. Short track at least for next year will have about the same amount of "factor teams".

    as for the 1/2 and mile stuff, Harley has dominated it for the last 30 years, and will continue to dominate it till the other manufactures figure out how to get their power to the ground.

    But yea they need some media coverage.
  17. There are different classes though, not just the 883 and 1000cc classes. There are also 600 and 750cc expert classes. Most of these bikes are custom frames with rotax motors or modified honda dirt bikes.
  19. Hey rabbitl1, I haven't followed Grand-Am much since 2003 (although I still end up going to the Rolex 24 each year) but I thought NASCAR already owned Grand-Am? If they've just purchased the series, then who's been in running it all these years?
  20. NASCAR and Grand Am have always had very close ties, but GA was it's own entity. Now it will be under the NASCAR umbrella, and the teams can use that to help get sponsors. Before, you could approach a potential sponsor, mention you had a race team, and they would ask, "NASCAR?". Everyone knows NASCAR, even outside the racing world. Now the team can say it's Grand Am, the sportscar division of NASCAR.
  21. The Grand American Road Racing Association.
  22. If Nascar gets their way, they'll end up pushing Porsche out of the Series. Nascar wants all the GT cars to be full tube frame cars (the Pontiacs and Mazdas already are), but the Porsches are. Porsche has said they won't build full tube frame 911s because they don't believe it's a true representation of their product.

    And should Porsche leave Grand Am, I'm fairly certain many of those teams would come over to the ALMS where REAL sports cars race.

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