Nasty looking, nasty mean peromance

Discussion in '2004 Orca C113' started by Andy355, Oct 9, 2004.

  1. i think the orange sets off this car, lovely piece of swiss chesse.

    sorry if spelling is crap, stupid pop up will not get off the f***in screen. sort it out supercar
  2. yeah, its hideous.
  3. yea it is ugly, but the perfomance is undeniable.
  4. I figure that with an engine this strong, the car doesn't need to sexy.
  5. Lolz..Swiss cheese is a yellowy white colour man..but I know what you mean. With a paint colour like this, I'd rather drive the Mazda 787B in full racing decals down a street..haha
  6. well, imagine pulling up next to some jackass in their corvette or porsche (possibly a ferrari) at a stoplight or something, having them comment on how ass-ugly your car is, and then laughing as they try to get the taste of white smoke and car exhaust off of their tongue as you speed away... after you imagine that, try to give a damn about the looks of this car again.
  7. could happen...

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