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  1. Oh dear resorting to cheating now eh! good crash for makkinen though! if he had known he wouldnt have pushed so hard <!-- Signature -->
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    Well, they weren't cheating. Gronholm is reportedly furious, I don't think he wanted the 'help' he was being given.

    And the flywheel was an honest mistake and is being recorded as such. The authorities are convinced this wasn't a deliberate attempt at cheating.

    Actually, I'm glad this has happened. It shows the system works, and it will surely be a deterrent to anyone who thinks about cheating. You will get caught (just ask Toyota).

    Things are looking up for Ford and Sainz, even McRae's points tally is starting to look good. Solberg is now just one point behind Makinen. Hopefully things will start to get interesting now. <IMG SRC="">
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    couldnt agree more, did u see gronholm wipe his ahole with the piece of paper his punishment was on, lol<!-- Signature -->
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    oh hoho Burnd excluded aswell, now who isnt cheating!<!-- Signature -->
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    From what I hear, it was only 20g underweight, something like less than 1% of the total weight of the flywheel. I'd hardly call that an advantage (assuming it was an attempt at cheating). The fact that Burns was well off Marcus and Tommi is proof enough that it wasn't an advantage.

    The flywheel in question was meant for testing purposes only and somehow wound up on Burns' car. I don't think it was cheating anymore than when Mitsui accidently put a non-homologated turbo part on his car in Rally Australia in 2000.

    But enough about Argentina already. The Acropolis is shaping up to be one hell of a race! :D
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