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  1. You mentioned something about carbonating water with a beer keg. What sort of configuration do you use? I'm sick and tired of paying 10€ for 425g of CO2.
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    I've got a Corney keg:


    and I'm using a pretty standard small keg CO2 system, much like this one:


    In the system linked, it has the same size CO2 tank that I use, which is 5 lbs (approx. 2.25 kg of CO2), which I pay about $15 to have refilled and will carbonate 10-ish Corney kegs of water, at 40 PSIG. That means I get almost ~190 liters of carbonated water for ~11 Euro, refill cost, or a little less than 0.06 Euro/liter.

    If you go this route, note that it's kinda hard for the CO2 to diffuse throughout the keg, so once you've gotten it up to pressure and down to temperature, it really helps to shake the keg a bit to diffuse the gas, bring it back up to pressure and repeat a couple times on the first day.
  6. I want that shit. I was gonna get a corney back in the beer brew days but never did. Just buy san pellegrino i guess
  7. You should still do it. Especially if you already have access to a CO2 system/tap fridge. Corney kegs are like $50 refurbished, and the connectors/etc. are super cheap. I love having sparkling water on tap.
  8. #$%# I love sparkling water holy shit. So refreshing. Also helped me stop drinking soda altogether. Realized what I like most about soda was just the fizz
  9. maybe i should try this
  10. This

    And because you can get more fizz by carbonating water by yourself, plain ice-cold water with a shit ton of CO2 is actually more delish than soda. It goes well with wine & spirits too (as in on the side, not mixed).
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