Need advice regarding these three cars.

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  1. Rust. Non original parts. Rust.
  2. The Edsel is pretty sweet
  3. General advice is to check for rust (cannot be overstated) as well as whether any hard to replace parts are missing, often these will be glass, chrome, interior and exterior trim etc. Also make sure that you know whether you want a 100% original car, or something that has been slightly modified to make it easier to drive or live with it.

    Out of curiously though, how come your budget is so wide? The Hudson is half price of the Edsel, seems a little extreme. Other than that, go for it! Classic cars are a great hobby, and I know Sweden is pretty good when it comes to old American iron!
  4. Edsels are rare (because a sales failure at the time), which should also make it more expensive to maintain (parts availability) compared to the Hudson
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    Third link dont work? Edsel?

    Hudson looks much cooler than the Plymouth.

    Hah, Scnet got filled with Bytbil commercials from watching those links.

    Regarding Swedish used cars sales, how would I best find Suzuki DR-Z 400SM or Yamaha TT-R 600 bikes?
  6. Third link doesnt work. From those two, I prefer Plymouth.
  7. Edsel is classic

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