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  1. i wouldnt say people want something exotic. most poeple i know only buy for performance.
  2. Special Weapons is kind of garbage. The SP10 is nothing but their MP5 clone repackaged into a 'new' looking weapon. Special Weapons quality has always been hit or miss. Sometimes they build a quality product and other times they have half ass welds and the thing jams all the time.

    The H&K USC is no longer in production. Before you buy one you should handle one. It's pretty bulky, kind of heavy, and it's costly. It's way to much for a weapon that only fires 10 rounds of .45.

    The P90 is nice. I wouldn't mind buying one for an investment but I don't have much use for shooting one. It's a hopped up .22 that'll always get a bad eye from the Hillary Clintons of the world.

    If you really want a semi auto carbine in a pistol caliber then you'd be better off going with a Beretta CX4 storm.
  3. Thats what I have heard. It may be a mangled Mp5 but it is a good looking gun IMHO. If they dont have any kind of a warrenty or something (do any guns have warrenties? haha) then I wouldnt see getting it. I cant take the risk of getting a faulty product.

    I know. So I would be buying a used one most likely right? I have heard it was bulky and difficult to sight correctly. So I would buy a red dot. Are there no 30rd mags that you can buy for it?

    Good. I like the sounds of it more and more. How do you mean :hopped uo .22"? I heard it had a very powerful round with great penetration.

    I looked at those. I dont know how great the resale would be though. Plus the look of them seems to be growing old on me and from what I understand, performance isnt anything special. Am I wrong about the performance?
  4. The FN looks pretty sweet, though I'm sure it's not cheap.

    As for those people complaining about it, there's nothing wrong with him buying one....but wait I forgot, all gun owners are psychopathic killers waiting to hose down some kids at a school.
  5. everyone that posted before you except frdracing is a douche/doesnt know about guns or both.

    STFU, guns are awsome.

    get a colt M4. trust me
  6. Defending their home from Jehova's Witnesses and dangerous ethnic minorities, duh.
  7. I have been looking into ARs. I just need some pros over the PS90.
  8. Guns do have warrneties to some effect. But Special Weapons has never had good customer support.

    The USC's receiver has an indent that precents the UMP's magazines from being inserted. I've heard of a conversion to use grease gun magazines but it's pretty ugly.

    The P90's just a small high speed bullet. Seems like a lot of money to pay for it.

    The Beretta's performance isn't any better than the other two similar caliber weapons you want to buy.
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    Ok then I will look more into that. they just seem to be a dime a dozen.

    I guess I will look back into ARs. Just not as keen on the looks of those. I suppose they are more powerful though. Maybe a bushmaster 16in modular carbine.

    Here is a grease gun conversion:
  10. We need guns to kill leftys.
  11. ^^ true

    I have now been looking closley at Bushmaster 16in modular carbine. It seems perfect.
  12. There seems to not much info on the USC45 SMG.
  13. You need guns to kill people who want to take your guns that you use to kill people who try to take your guns...
  14. out of those...the FN P90
  15. yep
  16. Haha.
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    Ohh yeah I like the carbon 15s. If I was going with an AR Id just go with a .223 though. If I go pistol caliber, I am going with the SP10 or CX4 or something.
  19. The USC was a semi auto only version of the UMP SMG. Unlike the UMP it had a fixed stock and a 16 inch barrel. The receiver was indented so that it could not accept the 30 round magazines of the UMP.
  20. Easily fixed.
  21. There doesnt seem to be anyone fixing it.
  22. The P90 is just cool. I mean completly ambidextrious is awesome.
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  24. If you get either the PS90 or USC make sure to SBR and dye them so they are like the P90/UMP.
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    If you go to on the board you can see many members who have converted their USCs to de-facto UMPs. There are more and better conversion kits coming out all the time, and many of them use lot of real UMP parts (barrels, etc.)

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