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Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Firechikin1968, Dec 21, 2004.

  1. A buddy of mine was telling me about some six cylinder from the 60's that was supposed to be ultra badass that someone was telling me about. He can't remember what it was though because it has been a while since he heard about it. Said he thinks it was around 260ci and he's not sure but thinks it was a chevy motor. Does anyone have any idea what he may be talking about?
  2. Pontiac had an overhead cam inline 6 in the 60's, not sure if it was "ultra badass" or not though.
  3. There is the Chrysler Hemi 265 from Australia. The E49 version made 302 HP stock, with the triple webber carb set up. It was a sweet little motor.
  4. Chrysler's Slant Six?
  5. the Chrysler slant 6 dominated Mini Nascar in the 60s
  6. wasn't there a LeMans "Sprint" edition? i am pretty sure that engine was pretty fancy for its time. . . (it could easily be the engine that Mechanical Arts mentioned. . )
  7. The engine in question according to my chilton repair manual is a 230ci overhead cam engine for 1967 and a 250ci overhead cam engine for 1968-1969.hp for 1967-1969 was 215hp and torque was 240lbs/ft @ 2400 rpm on the 4 barrel carburated engines with 10.5-1 compression ratio.
    This engine was available in the firebird sprint edition.
  8. the one in the lemans was different?
  9. That slant six was a workhorse
  10. No it was the same engine and the 4 barel carburated engine was available as an option on the lemans.
  11. and most precisely a 225ci engine which was used till the mid eighties.
  12. The engine was available in the Tempest as well.

  13. Yes you are correct.It was the base engine of the tempest,the lemans and the firebird. This engine was replaced in 1970 by a 250ci chevy engine.

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