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  1. Hi I need some help in locating this AB Flug Hood for my 7. Please help me out and please let me know if anyone know where I can get one.

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    i just bought a 1993 rx-7 and it has really low miles on it. just less than 60k. and i have noticed that it does leak a very small amount of oil, but it never over heats and that after running the car for a long distance the car will smoke a very small amount from under the hood. it doesnt do this all the time it only seems to do it on hot day and when i only give the car like 1 min to cool down before shutting it off. what do you think that the prob is.
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    add an intercooler???
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    add an intercooler. hmm i never thought about that. considering that it already has one. maybe i should add a "larger" intercooler? what do you think?

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