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  1. i know the stats of each in a straight line like the back of my hand, but i also remember a web page and/or a video showing that the f40/f50 and carreragt etc were faster than the f1 around a given circuit.

    i dont need the exact times but a reputable source like automobile magazine stating at least just that is all i need...

    and no i am not coming here first, i have done lots of googling but i just am not finding it...and to be honest i think it was here on this sight and forums that i found/read that statement with a reputable source to back it up etc (besides the 'ring' times)

    from what i remember in the said article/video, they stated that while although the f1 was king in a line, that the f50 when put on the track was faster, with less body roll and way more downforce with equal track acceleration (diff from standing starts etc)

    any links or possible info will be appreciated and will be looked into by me...and as well ill still be searching myself

    oh crap, and thanks to all who contribute or dont
  2. *cue pelaton25*
  3. just to remind anyone about to enter this thread....this is not a f1 vs f50 thread, that is for car comparisons, what i am looking for here is raw data and things like that, not opinions etc...i do not care which one is faster, if its the f1 then so be it, if its the f50 then so be i said i know the downforce stats the straight line stats weight stats etc almost by heart...what i need is the other info

    man i just cant help but think it was a top gear or 5th gear episode that made this claim but i am coming up empty handed...grrr
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    "what i am looking for here is raw data and things like that" <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  5. Sounds like you're talking about a Jeremy Clarkson quote
  6. There was a Tsukuba lap time chart where the F40 was indeed faster than a F1 .
  7. FWIW...

    Evo magazine tested a McLaren F1 on the same tires as an Enzo around their standard track (Bedford Autodrome). Some times for this test:
    Porsche Carrera GT 1:20.20
    McLaren F1 1:21.20
    Ferrari Enzo 1:21.30

    For reference, these are the Fiorano lap times for the Ferraris.
    Ferrari Enzo (2003) 1.22.30
    Ferrari F50 1.27.00
    Ferrari F40 1.29.60
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  9. thanks guibo and a few of you had sometimes out there, anymore would be greatly appreciated as i continue to look...and ging thanks

    jeremy clarkson quote? maybe but not exactly although i thought it was from someone like that, and i just remember the skinny guy talking about it and his early 90's f1's cars...god i suck at remember names

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