Need OBD-II advice.

Discussion in 'Technical' started by CitroenSM, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. I'm Thinking about buying some OBD-II Software and hardware for my laptop anyone that know any good products?
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  3. what is your purpose?

  4. Check through my car.
  5. i got a cheap reader on ebay, works fine. gives you a code and then you google it
  6. i dont know about the ones that connect to your computer, but regular ones seem to be either regular dtc codes only, or dtc+abs+srs codes. some do obd-i as well, some dont. codes are pretty uniform, but newer codes do crop up as time goes on, and some have the ability to be updated by connecting them to a computer (though the scanner still operates just fine away from a computer). some can monitor data in realtime and plot it over graphs (sensor voltages and such) and some will even recommend fixes for codes.

    these are the differences between a $30 scanner from the parts store and a $300 scanner you can find online.
  7. there's no ODB II lol

  8. I've checked around the net all the ones I can find only seem to only check the engine and in some cases the gearbox. Do you know anyone that check all systems of the car?
  9. OTC 9450
    Innova 3160B
    OTC 3111
    Innova 3120
  10. I've got some Chinese Bluetooth OBD transmitter that beams info datas to my telephone but I don't think it reads every code.
  11. Those look very interesting, Thanx.
  12. You know the brand?
  13. Probably the ELM327. It does most of the stuff normal scanners do, just not SRS/ABS.
  14. yes, the ELM327

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