Need your guys' help in an experiment

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by odrallag, Jan 21, 2007.

  2. I felt relaxed and quite placid with everything up until the point where the whirring sound started. There's no easy explanation to how the whirring sound made me feel. It was unease, anxiety and frustration, though very subtle. I've also got a small headache behind my right ear, which I've never felt before in my life, but that seemed to go away when the pulsing sound dominated over the whirring sound. Anyway, the feeling it gave me wasn't extreme in the slightest, and I couldn't even tell you if it was the sound that made me feel that way.
  3. Before I was pretty relaxed, just chilling out basically. The whirring sound made my throat tighten for some reason and though I at first welcomed the bassy thumping as a distraction to the whirring sound, it soon became slightly irritating aswell, this time making my chest feel tight. After the thing was finished I noticed a slight ache behind my right ear.
  4. WTF?
  5. I'll do it this afternoon and get back to you.

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