Needs a fin.

Discussion in '1998 Mazda Pettit Racing RX-7 Banzai' started by Priviledge of Speed, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Re: nice

    this is nice but check out the RX3 down here.<!-- Signature -->
  2. No Subject

    dose anyone else thint it looks like a viper?
  3. where can u get it?

    i was wondering if you could acctually buy this car for yourself, and how much would it acctually cost.

  4. One cool RX-7

    This is one ricer I would like to have. To bad all ricers are not RWD.<!-- Signature -->
  5. Banzai!!!

    You wouldn't want this beast barrelassing down your street because you would know it. <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
  6. Re: This ain't a real rx-7

    LOL. I am sure if they wanted to go for all out power, I suppose they could have just ditched the dual setup and have gone with 1 large turbo. Alot of people running 3rd gens right now are doing that. And I garauntee you, what ever you do to a 13B can be done to a 20B and the 20B will still put out more HP then the 13B. As far as weight goes. There is NO weight hanging over the front end. All RX-7s have the motors placed back behind the front axle. Even this 20B is placed behind the front axel. All the weight is still inbetween the axles. They just had to modify the firewall a bit and the mounting points. At least this thing still has a Mazda engine. Unlike some I have seen with V-8s thrown in there. I have a 85' RX-7 GS, and if I had the money and resources to put a 20B or the new Renesis motor I would. Everyone likes to make their car faster, so why not let us do it.<!-- Signature -->
  7. Re: This ain't a real rx-7

    i swear people will find ANYTHING to ***** about... knobs
  8. Re: This ain't a real rx-7

    Who cares anyway? It probably makes this RX-7 a lot faster. Heh, thats how some people make their Civics faster, with a Prelude engine, or maybe even an S2000 engine.<!-- Signature -->
  9. Re: This ain't a real rx-7

    i would much rather a 20b over a 13b any day. im not a rotary fan but i love this shap and would only wont to own 1 if it had a 20b,
    also, the 13b's and any twin rotary motor are allright standard, but when messed with they got a nasty problem of going out of tune, bracking down and BLOWING UP. i have never heard of any problems with 3 rotar rotarys.
    this car i awesome, it would be a great car to own. these things have awesome handling
  10. Re: This ain't a real rx-7

    fastest rotarys run 13bs? I didn't know that, the quickest in australia runs a 20b and runs mid 7 passes. The 13bs a beast with a TO4 or equilivant. Why would you want anything bigger than that? For track use?
  11. Re: This ain't a real rx-7

    To this is the realist you'll ever get to a true race rx-7, and the motor? its a 13b-rew with an extra motor and a larger intake manifold. Characteristics? This RX-7 just got more selfesteem and if you add a turbo boost controller? Hell would break loose and you're gonna be lookin at a street legal car running high 9's and mid 10's. This banzai runs on 12lbs of boost. Hmmm...what would it put out if I set the boost on 21lbs? I'd say that Ferrari is way behind me. Just think people This is probably the best RX-7 you can buy. And for only 35 thousand to do this conversion? Beats the hell out of buying a vette. I'm out ONE
  12. Re: on a scale of 1-10


    its an eleven i think!!! =)

    @L88Vette: What the #$%# are you talking about??? The Porsche 959 is an 250.000$ car, this banzai rx7 will cost a quarter of it!!! and its almost faster, more modern and of course more beautiful!!!

    bye<!-- Signature -->
  13. Re: on a scale of 1-10


    God-like, even!
    <!-- Signature -->
  14. Re: on a scale of 1-10

    Hell give it a 12, i know it's no what u asked but it so madddd. beautiful car ...
    check out this merc 0-100 in 3.4sec<!-- Signature -->
  15. Re: on a scale of 1-10

    dis car iz unrate-able...i mean..look at's's any driver's dream.
  16. Re: on a scale of 1-10

    nicest car's off the scale
  17. Re: Top speed is estimated at 240 Mph! ( Br

    does everbody have to compare cars to lambos? there are faster cars out there. but not many.
  18. Re: Top speed is estimated at 240 Mph! ( Br

    240mph my ass, dont b ridiculous, its only got 550hp

    if a stock 280hp RX7 can do 170, then if u times the power by 2, u times the top speed by the cubed root of 2

    that means a 560hp rx7 will do 214mph...*IF* the stock RX7 can do 170 with its speed limiter removed (which it probably cant)
  19. No Subject

    dose anyone else thint it looks like a viper?
  20. Re: copy of mustang and camaro

    its so funny, it looks noting like them, and its is dobled it peformance
  21. Re: copy of mustang and camaro

    I think he means the stripes.<!-- Signature -->
  22. Re: copy of mustang and camaro

    still... where the hell does he get camaro
  23. Re: copy of mustang and camaro

    and a MUSTANG!!! that is just sad to day...
  24. Re: copy of mustang and camaro

    To Honda rulez
    your signature rulez~ couldn't agree more with you

    To Dan,

    lol, Never will a mustang or camaro (any American car company) get 410kW using a 2L displacement~, have a nice day!

    <!-- Signature -->
  25. Re: copy of mustang and camaro

    Don't Talk Shit knows what he is talking about! DAN, however, does not!

    Really, a copy of a mustang and camaro? You gotta pick one or the other because they're two totally different cars. Furthermore, any moron that says the Japanese are trying copy an american car is clearly dumb. DAN, were you born with your head up your ass or did you do drugs to get it that way?<!-- Signature -->

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