Needs a fin.

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    It amy looked similiar because Mazda has a design studio in America (as well as Japan), which they strongly try to design to appeal - eg RX-5. The designers from the japanese studio spen a month in America sampling their culture & lifestyle to help design the RX-7.
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    mate... u r a fu**in idiot! it lookks nuttin like either... u r wrong
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    you should be slapped for saying the beautiful RX-7 looks like a ugly ass, slow moving, waste of money, stupid ass mustang. the closest looking car to the RX-7 would be the viper dumb sh!t
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    even then, it still doesnt look like any other car, but yes thats the closest looking car to this
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    allright that's it. i'm sick of these #$%#ing rednecks talking about their vipers, mustangs, camaros and all other american cars. do these #$%#ing idiots not know of classes? those #$%#ing morons go and compare two totally different cars, or in this case three. what a moron, he can't see the #$%#ing awsome car for what it is and goes and says that his american cars are better. like #$%#. american cars are great i have nothing against them. it's just the #$%#ing rednecks that own them and some that don't that go around cussing out our japanese cars. allright. the day that a #$%#ing american company perfects or at least takes on the challenge of using a new or unique engine design then talk. mazda put a hell of a lot of effort into getting the rotary to how it is today [though not mazda alone but as a large scale manufacturer it was the only one who actually bothered to keep it and work with it]. so to all you japanese car cussing #$%#ing redneck morons who got nothing better to do. shut your #$%#ing mouths and go back to beating off or the other sick shit that you rednecks do. and please to all you #%$gots like the guy who made the first comment. don't have sex we don't want another generation of you #$%#ing idiots who've received your shear stupidity. the gene pool thanks you.<!-- Signature -->
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    i have to agree wit da car god<!-- Signature -->
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    lol,my thoughts exactly.Japanesepeople are into buiness,so theydont makemany 500bhp, V12 sportcars.They make high quality afordable cars, but they still have some historical cars, that any person has to respect.
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    hear hear! Idiots like that definately must beat off heaps because y'r mind must be on something else 2 even think about a [email protected]#$ing stupid idea like that one.
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    I guarantee this car can hang or even beat a mustang and camaro, I am a huge fan of American muscle but I absolutly love the RX-7, these one of the very few respectable Ricers. I own an 87 Formula, but i gotta tip my hat to this supercar!
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    okay, i don't mean to go technical on you but what kind of a name is redneck??!!!! i'm not trying to make fun of you, in fact i think this engine/car is one of the best designs out there, but stop using words like #%$got, redneck, and stupid sh*t like that. it just makes you sound so immature. and also, some american cars deserve some of their credit, you are just too full of yourselves and you Hondas, Toyotas, and other stuff.
    Mustangs, Vipers, Camaros, and Corvettes have something that imports can never have, and that is HISTORY!!!! some ppl like you are jealous that these awesome machines have a history and imports don't. i'll agree, domestics have gone down the porcelain peehole in general, but some still deserve have to admit that this is true. i mean, i'd give an arm and a leg for this car, as well as an old school Mustang, Camaro, or Corvette. that's all i got to say.
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    Dan please return to this forum and explain what drugs you were doing when you made the astounding observation that the Rx-7 looks like a mustang or camaro.
  12. chevy sucks
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    your dumb chevy sucks crap so up yours
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    thers a point...jus take out sum curses and itll b wat i was gona say
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    i agree but Americans don't make v12 500 hp cars neither, they make heavy ass unattractive V8's that can only go in a straight line. as far as cars go, the prettiest cars that you don't have to be rich to buy are japanesse. The prettiest sumwhat mass produced cars in the world are ferraris and lamborghinis. the only American car that can come close to matching them in beauty is the saleen s7.
  15. In the August issue of DuPont Registry Magazine.
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    You need a Brain.
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    why? you do know that it's a racing team that made this car right? i'm pretty sure that if it needed one they'd put one on it.
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    Well the big reason it doesnt have a fin a.k.a Spoiler is that it would increse the weight and cause a little to much downforce that would effect the speed
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    its already bad that this thing looks like a wannabe viper witha chevy ls1!

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