needs more power!!!!

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  1. needs more power!!!!!
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    Except 500hp would probably bring the cost up to about the Viper's.<!-- Signature -->
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    Ok, Chevy is On It! If We Turn To Page 64 In The New Road & Track (August 2002) The New C6 Vette Will Use A New Gen IV LS1 V-8 With 380+HP And Gobbs of Torque. As For The Z06, Power Is Still Unknown But Im Hoping For The Supercharged 427ci V-8 From The TigerShark Concept Will Be The New Standard In American Perfomance.
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    I would never buy a vette with less than 400hp. So for now give me a z06.
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    You people are morons!
    Did anybody notice that this is an ANIVERSARY edition?
    It's made for collecting, not racing.
    If you want more power and performance, get a Z06 and shut up!
    350 bhp is still a lot of power, it's just that we forget about it after looking at a 1000bhp Bugatti or Vector.
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    Vettes are too high volume to have any true collector's potential. The package is just a few decals and new's still a vette, and vettes are made for speed. Get the ann. edition if you like the look, but not because it'll be worth more. Just MHO.
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    i remember when i was 12 and thought that 350hp was nothing to brag about. but now that i see that other cars that you would pay 100k for are creamed by this American Beast
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    than get a z06 if you want more power.
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    i think this could use more power cuz it has a 5.7 LITER V8! HOW DOES THAT ONLY PRODUCE 350 HP?!?!?!

    but chevy sorta sums up the american car industry (aside from the rare supercars). there r cheap crap cars, lots of huge SUV's, only 1 minivan (thats a bad thing), and a crap sports car than takes a huge engine just to create 350bhp. and that sports car has its fanatics that think its the best car in the history of forever. sry this has nothing to do with the topic but i thought i should post it.
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    Just because there are 4 cylinders that make much more horsepower per cubic inch (but nothing in terms of torque) doesn't make this a bad motor, just a different one. And as I've said before, does it matter where you get the power from, as long as you have the power? It is truly a matter of opinion. If you have a turbocharged V6 and a naturally aspirated V8 that both make 400 hp and 400 ft lbs, does it matter which one is better? Either way you still have the same power. Its just that each will deliver it in a different manner, ie personal preference.
    And I'm glad you are so concerned about minivans, especially since you are posting on a network devoted to high performance vehicles.
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    Its a bit beyond a decal package (though I'm not sure what decals you are talking about). You get all of the top options, including HUD display, Magnetic Selective Ride Control, etc. You also have a select color for both interior (shale) and exterior (anniversary red) as well as gold tinted wheels. While there are a few too many for their value to be realized anytime soon, I am certain that given time they will be worth something in good condition, as are most Corvettes.
    Though if they had wanted a surefire collectible, they would have had the Anniversary package for the Z06 much as they had it for the ZR1 back in 93. Those cars are worth some money these days (as are ZR1s in general).
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    No it's got enough! Get the Z06 for more power!

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