needs more tourque

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  1. it lacks in 0-60 because it doesnt have the tourque, otherwise its a great car for its size and power i bet it handels well
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    Less than 7s with "only" 195hp is very respectable !

    Don't forget it's an inline 4 of 1.6L , the torque is very decent thanks to the supercharger of course.<!-- Signature -->
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    It's got more torque than an S2000, and it's only a mini, not a drag racer, 6.8 is faster than the Civic Type R<!-- Signature -->
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    I agree, the car should lighter as the Mini originaly was. But it is really a reflection of the fact that BMW is now building this. They like to use a lot of steel. At least we know it is a solid machine. <!-- Signature -->
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    That was supposed to be on a diff thread, but oh well. I think the Tourqe is just right. On a FWD, to much tourqe is very bad. With these cars, I think the best power is when the peaks of Tourqe and HP are about equall. The weight is what keeps this thing KINDA slow. 6.8 is pretty bloody quick though.<!-- Signature -->
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    come on people, this has got plenty of nutt, besides, who drives one of these for the power, their a kick ass car and all but i agree a little bit more nutt'd be welcome, too bad, to my knowledge, they dont make a performance package
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    Did I just hear that correctly? Did you just say that they did NOT make a performance package (refering to the Mini Cooper)? Look at the name of the car, "Mini Cooper S". Yes, the S is the SPORT package which includes a supercharger.<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from IS300 L tuned</i>
    <b>it lacks in 0-60 because it doesnt have the tourque, otherwise its a great car for its size and power i bet it handels well</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    How much torque will you be expecting out of a 1.4 litre engine??? and you bet it handles well, this car is as dynamic as a go kart, i've never driven a more fun car than this...<!-- Signature -->
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    1.6 Litre<!-- Signature -->
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    i think it has a pretty big amount of torque, considering it's only a 1.6l engine. altho the hp is only up about 10 from the normal S, which i find a little dissapointing. and i think it should be lighter, and i find the front body kit rather overdone. but still, it looks cool and its pretty fast, so its good in my opinion.<!-- Signature -->
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    The normal S has 160, this has 195. An increase of 35. Is it different in Britan?<!-- Signature -->
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    30 extra ft-lbs is pretty goddamn good for a tiny motor. 35 extra horses is less impressive but still damn good.<!-- Signature -->
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    OUT OF THE BLUE: I LIKE CIVICS<!-- Signature -->

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