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  1. Now everyday you see silver Mercedes. I would like to see this in a differnt color, it would look sweet in blue red or yellow
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    I like silver on Mercedes but it gets really old after awhile
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    what do you think about the red apple candy paint and the black paint from lamborghini on this car , it will be sweet , or yelloe from viper , or red from ferrari . <!-- Signature -->
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    Metallic Silver is just perfect for this baby if u ask me...<!-- Signature -->
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    silver is old... it looks kinda tacky... i tihnk they should give it the same black that's on the DTM version... or a lambo yellow... or maybe even viper blue... but i tihnk red would look really bad<!-- Signature -->
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    Silver bathes the Jag XJ220, Saleen S7, other Mercedes Silver Arrows so it is the perfect color for supercars!<!-- Signature -->
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    Here are some Varients
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    does anyone like these colours would you like anymore, make requests
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    If u have Need For Speed 3 and 4 you can purchase the CLK-GTR for 500000 with diff colors... of course it's always stupid to see a computer image of a CLK-GTR in red paint... but ur photo-shop work is good Ferrari King... I have nothing against it... u have talent<!-- Signature -->
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    Keep your senses peeled for the coming of the CLK-GTR Roadster... Dec. 2002... $2.5 M<!-- Signature -->
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    WTH that is crazy, mercedes must need some money for that much, this was ALL THE HIDEOUSNESS I CAN TAKE already<!-- Signature -->
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    Maybe more of these ought to come out with some of the paint schemes from the DTM series, like the Autoart model that I have of this car that is blue with the sponsor logos and sort of the engine blowing through on the hood of this car. (I hope you all know which one I mean.)<!-- Signature -->
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    Silver is the best color for this car.
    I think dark blue would look nice too.
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    it has colour maybe u dont
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    silver is the king of colours! maybe except for the R390 GT1......
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    Go hug a rainbow, if u dont like the colour dont buy the car
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    Maybe the color black and probably the color is silver.
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    the CLK GTR SuperSport comes in red...............
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    pink with green spots, no actually, purple with brown racing stripes, come on guys, silvers the perfect colour
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    Silver is the only color that this car should be allowed to come in, and I think that Mercedes should prevent owners from painting their GTRs. Or better, Mercedes should slap said owner for buying a $1.5million dollar car and not understanding its history. The only color that it should come in is the Auto Union Silver Arrow color, as the race cars wore in the late thirties in Germany. Look at all old german exotics, notice anything in common about their color (Porsche 550 spyder, Silver Arrows, 300SLR gullwing)
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    The dark Blue Version was out for the race Car
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    whoever painted the CLK-GTR SS red should get his ass kicked

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