Needs to be lighter + more power.

Discussion in '2008 Caterham Seven R500 Superlight' started by Mechanical Arts, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. Who's with me? Also fuel economy of -1mpg is TERRIBLE for a car like this,.
  2. lighter? more power?
    481.75 bhp per tonne is the power to weight ratio for an enzo
    388.71 bhp per tonne is the power to weight ratio of the F50 in your picture
    and the 7 comes in at 519.76 bhp per tonne

    ... yeah definitely needs to be lighter and more powerful

    anyone else think this guy has no idea what he's talking about?
  3. whenn will catamaran make a good car
  4. Lighter + More Power = Death

    But I do agree the fuel economy is insane.
  5. It needs a turbocharger, but it is lights enough.
  6. �36,995 ????
    for da same price i can bay a used civic, and tune it until 1000 hp, who need this?
  7. what good will that do? it'll only make the car more unpredictable.. the acceleration is already lightning fast, topspeed won't increase, it's probably limited by the gearing and the poor aerodynamics of the car's body.
  8. everybody who doesn't want a civic that's fast only on a 400m drag race.
  9. yeah sure, tune your civic to 1000hp. A few problems though. It'll cost you way more than 36,000 on just the engine, you'll still have a crappy looking civic, and you'll still get whipped on the road or circuit because of your uncontrollable torquesteer. Hey, I like Hondas, they make decent cars, but dumb Vtec fanboys should just shut up and let real drivers discuss cars.
  10. You're not serious about the fuel economy, are you?
    Obviously the correct data was not entered. 1L per 100km does not equal 1mpg. Work it out! By the same token I could say 1L/100km is brilliant fuel economy............but I wouldn't, cos I'm not an idiot.
  11. this is easily the best car in the world
    but it does need to be 150-200kgs lighter to stay at the top of the tree forever


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