Neon owners... why???

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by AntiPimpage, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. Neons are probably the only cars in the world I hate more than Sunfires/Cavaliers.
  2. I feel sorry for those LEDs.
  3. this goes without thought, I'd pick a yugo anyday over a neon
  4. The chesty girl was hot, didn't even notice the neons.
  5. by hot you mean had tig ole' biddies..... her face was bleh
  6. holy shit, is that the version of the Yugo you got over there? hahahahaha so import raped
  7. took the name of the car too literally
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    well looks like neon owners got a hold of this topic, look at what they're saying, LOL!!!

    looks like "99 pizza wagon" thinks that I'm a 16 year old kid, lol

    whiteneon98 also seems to have a problem with c7015, Mustang SVT, and myself since we don't own "supercars" bahahaha
  10. can't wait to see what pandabeat has to say!
  11. Does 99 Pizza Wagon think we're all rich or soemthing because we post on a better-looking/supercar forum?
  12. yes, yes he does.... the website name confuses him
  13. Think of it, they all probably have neons so they post on a Neon forum so naturally we must all have supercars.
  14. HEY YOU, YES YOU NEON OWNERS... My car isn't lame. 72 Jaguar with a Chevy 350=Better than your crap. My car would rape your with its vastly larger/superior engine, just like I rape you mother with my vastly larger/superior penis.
  15. Ooooh snap! Forum wars! IT'S ON!
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  17. well compared to neons..... I guess all of our cars are considered supercars, haha
  18. Your post count is 666.
  19. Those blue parking lights are illegal.
  20. you have to change your sig to say, cooler than your neon
  21. neon, the american civic, but shitty
  22. he'd be the antichrist if he was a neon owner
  23. or if he drove a flying motorcycle [Family Guy reference]

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