Neon owners... why???

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by AntiPimpage, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. Why hi there. I am retarded because I drive a POS that I got for free and enjoy working on my first car? If so, then I agree.

    I have admitted in every way possible that a neon is a POS and that there are many better cars out there, but I still ask what the real problem you have with a neon is.
  2. "Since when did Mods=Peformance, man Anti-Pimpage and his slow as balls Audi crack me up."

    Is he trying to insinuate that the neons have good perfomance stock?
  3. you post that many funny car pics on one page and its bound to get linked to...
  4. seriously though, lighten the #$%# up.

    we're just a forum discussing cars, no one here claims one thing or another by joining this site, we're all here for the experience though

    our foruming though is a little different then most, if you stick around you will see that. we are very rude, unPC, and treat each other like shit

    welcome to
  5. It's offensively lame?
  6. Now why would he ever say that?

    MTX neons are 15-16 second cars stock, no where near good performance.
  7. common sense should have kicked in long before he actually went out and installed it. But then again, if he had common sense at all, he wouldn't be driving a Neon.

    serious money in a Neon is easily the most retarded thing I've ever heard.

  8. Best post ever. hahaha
  9. oh come on, don't be stupid. I come in here, first post i call you a retard. So its either 1 of 2 things: a) im a retard, in which case you should just ignore me, or b) im just having a bit of fun riling you up. Welcome to

    EDIT: i probably drive the worst car on these boards, and i still have fun calling other peoples cars complete and utter crap. That said, theres no way you could ever convince me to put money into my car. Putting serious money into a POS is stupid.
  10. Exactly. I see no reason to drive/have one unless you LIKE spending money on repairs.
  11. Dumping money into any car in the long run is a waste if you think about it. (unless of course you race for a living)
  12. To all the Neon Lurkers.

    While we share with you guys the thought that AntiPimpage is a dipshit through and through, I have to say, his A4 > Any Neon.
  13. yeah, but dropping money into some cars is a hell of a lot more stupid than putting it in other cars.
  14. repairs on a neon are cheap as hell... The only thing I have ever had to replace on my car is a bent rim.
  15. yes but buying Maurice Green track shoes to improve his running is better than buying track shoes for a land mine war amp.
  16. loltec
  17. you know what would be even cheaper?

    replacing the whole vehicle.
  18. lets hurt their feelings some more

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  19. This is serious internet business.
  20. i guess you're right, we should lighten up.

    Neon Tuners are like the plankton of the Automotive tuner food chain.
  21. haha we don't need to lighten up to beat their heavy ass neons lololol!
  22. hahaha!

    Like I already said; Neons are cheap cars. Nice try to offend somebody, but in all honesty, I agree. Still, there's no reason that a neon cannot be respected by a 17 year old that makes $7/hr working at a custard joint.
  23. all this neon talk makes me want to go do some mad d0rift0ing with my RWD car.
  24. SRT4 Neons are seriously great bang for the buck.
  25. In all seriousness though, there are some upsides to Neons.

    My grandpa actually just traded his Civic in for one. His reasoning? Nobody wants to steal them. His Civic has been broken into a couple of times. No one even wants to touch the Neon.

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