Neon owners... why???

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by AntiPimpage, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. While I'm not the biggest fan of neons, they're really not that bad of cars for how much they cost. And hey, if you want to modify it, go for it, just as long as it doesnt look shitty like the one posted. Also, at least its better than a cavalier.
  2. because if I were in that market I'd want a Civic?
  3. that's like saying eating shit is better than eating runny shit.
  4. your ignorance in this reply truely shows how much you do know about neons, or maybe cars in general if you want to go there.

    Our coupes and sedans weigh from 2300-2500 .. give me a platform on how that's near heavy.
  5. i find it funny that the neon can be respected by a 17 year old working at a fast food joint, because pretty much every single other car they respect is a heap of junk.
  6. hello skill. Obviously your skill at using forums is lacking...
  7. Good and your reply to how are cars are heavy is what again....???

    err right, good job danno your supercar messiah of knowledge is something i'm sure i could never catch up to.
  8. I would seriously titty #$%# that Arkangel girl all over her shitty neon. Her breasties must displace more volume than her engine.
  9. Oh. That was good.
  10. are=our everyone in skill's post.
  11. try detecting a joke sometime.

    And no, you probably could not catch up.
  12. alright, at first I was just trying to fuel the flames but now I'll stop and just talk seriously because you guys do seem to getting offended and defensive about this stuff.

    Skill and APN, where do you guys think the Neon slots in comparison to other cars and it's competition.
  13. Thanks. I do try.
  14. oh and APN, just a warning, your post limit is at 10 so if you want to respond, make another account and called it APN2 or something.
  15. "i wonder what started this thread on there. some guy probally got beat by a neon and went to to see what was up."
  16. haha!

    Neons compare to civics in my opinion, but I personally would rather drive a neon than a civic.

    A neon has approx 0-60 in around 7 seconds stock MTX, and that's fine with me. I don't need more power or speed. Where am I honestly going to go faster than 120?
  17. hey APN is this your mom?

    "oh.. jeeze.. you ALL [THIS and THE OTHER THREAD POSTERS] are immature. Posting about eachother on eachothers forum. Very pre-school behavior. GROW UP"
  18. Precisely, Neons dont need power or speed because they dont have it in the first place.
  19. offended not necc. Neons along side civics are the most hated tuner car. We see it and hear it every day. I would have liked to come in this explaining more about the vehicle, but you guys attacked us as owners. I honestly could give a damn less, but i need a break and this is getting me away from a few things right now.

    Neons can compare to anything you want it to. There are a handfull (yea just a handfull) of neons that can run 9-11 sec. 1/4th times. What this thread start did was take a thread that was filled with show car pics and not loook at the performance side of the car, which makes it a one sided event here. Not to mention the thread started bashed us on something he can barely make it into the 14s with his Chip on 93 octane lol. Come find me i'll show you how to break into the 14s easilly.

    There is no hard feelings anywhere from me you guys can continue bashing or w/e, but don't attack the owners for nothing. Respect the hardwork anyone puts into a car. Despite what you think hitting 13 to low 14s in a 2.0 is quite a damn good job.

    Rant over ....
  20. i wouldn't want to try ... it wouldn't be much of an effort. I prefer challenges.
  21. haha can you tell that SuperD clown he is a #$%#ing clown?

    "after 5 pages worth of laughing i didnt see a single car even i would shy away from drag racing. (and sorry super guys, my cars faster than the quoted sig time)"

    this sig says " 1999 2 door ATX project car. 17.5 at 83MPH "

    17.5 #$%#ing seconds!? What's faster than the quoted sig time? 17 flat? 16.5? WOW! GREASED LIGHTNING! What does that make it comparable to? a Prius? a Hummer H1? a #$%#ing Segway?

    Seriously, it's not so much I care about Neons, I know some people outweigh affordability with speed, style, taste, etc. It's just I can't stand it when you douches think you car is fast or anything special. It seems only APN has sense.
  22. whats the obsession with 1/4 mile times anyway? drag racing is shit
  23. It's the average distance between home and the nearest supermarket. Americans, lazy, obese, get car for next block, etc.
  24. Because it's a universal benchmark of acceleration. Comparing/measuring 1/4mi times doesn't mean the car is only capable of accelerating that quickly on a straight, 1/4mi track.
  25. Glad to see this thread went right along with the norm here in SC land <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

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