Neon SRT4 for this?

Discussion in '1957 Chevrolet Corvette' started by firestarter, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. So they got rid of the neon srt4 for some reason took the engine, made it stronger and gave it 300hp, then put it in a lunch box. Why not keep the neon but with awd and 300hp? Sounds better to me.
  2. thats wat i thought...but hey i dnt think itll b bad....but it wouldve been better as a neon....then it would seriously stack up to the evo and sti
    or atleast still keep the old srt-4 and make this
  3. What the #$%# was the point in making this thing? Yeah, put that engine in the Neon SRT-4, give it RWD derived from a CLK or something or AWD from scratch, put it on the market, and see it race against the EVO. What the hell were they thinking when they made this? As if the Charger was a bad idea, now this.
  4. rwd from an clk....right
    and wats wrong with the charger?
  5. 3 letters to describe this....POS
  6. It's fugly.
  7. It's like the lexus RX330, only really bad
  8. its going to look a lot better in person plus its not all that big only a little taller than a neon. its not like a vibe sixze
  9. Seriously. I wrote a letter to Dodge about that back in 04, no kidding. They should have given the SRT-4 an AWD platform, and then with this 300HP it would be in the Evo/Sti league. Whatever...
  10. Yes, from a CLK. Diamler Chrylser owns Dodge and Mercedes, and Chrysler took the RWD drive train from an earlier CLK model to make the Crossfire. They could have just was easily done the same with this car but with a SRT-4 frame. The price probably wouldn't increase substantially either since all the parts would already be in production. $25,000 - $27,000 range if they priced it fairly. This would give the tuners of the SRT-4 a $4000 advantage on their STI and Evo counterparts. Plus Mopar would have a fieldday pumping out performance parts for this car.

    And as much as I like the Charger... it was a little over zealous on Dodge's part. They should have made the Charger OR the Magnum, not both. They basically made two identical cars with different names (which in my opinion devalues both of them).
  11. oh man its allready going to be in that league. the first srt 4 competes in same levels is street as the sti evo or plain wrx. and thats only 230 horse.

    and to that other guy. clk stuff is higher end and will not be bang for buck its so different being rwd
  12. Do you really have to swear everytime you make a post? CLK? EVO? huh? nonsense...
  13. The SRT-4 gets RAPED in all performance areas against the latest evo or sti. By the way, this refrigerator is a trmendous mistake: dakota engine, scion body, CLK drivettrain, and a horrible name. So what if it has 300 horsepower? With all that added weight and the size of those tires, its not going to be any better than an SRT-4 in acceleration. In fact, it will probably be worse. Let us all have a moment of silence to mourn the loss of a beloved streerfighter, the SRT-4.
  14. So sue me for cursing. I am goddamn sailor. Also, what's wrong to suggest competing against the EVO? A compact sports sedan vs. another one. And the CLK. Think, idiot, Chrysler could easily take the RWD from the CLK and derive it to fit into the SRT-4.
  15. why would u want to get rid of the neon srt4 for this ugly thing and they kept the same engine but gave it 300 hp there has gotta be a way to show them that just doesnt look right like not buying the "lunchbox" yeah id never buy that id rather take a neon srt4 and tune it
  16. DC really dropped the ball on this one. -1
  17. while the caliber is a flop and this car is a bit of a disgrace I wouldnt talk if I were you.My friend works at BMW and Ive heard some stories.theyre the only German car that genuinly sucks
  18. The caliber is garbage

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