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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by w00t, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. IMO, the seats were perfectly comfortable, and i could drive it for hours

    couldn't care less about interior quality on a car that cheap

    engine was more than enough for the driving i did (town+ country roads)

    i loved it
  2. i have to drive it again tonight. eww.
  3. never buy a volkswagen period. Im pretty sure they're even more unreliable than a Kia
  4. except that volkswagens are pretty reliable.
  5. * averagely reliable.
    And actually Koreans are happening to be pretty reliable.
  6. As a technical advisor at a VW dealership, and I was at a Honda dealership before, I can say that I've seen more stupid Civics at the shop than VW's.

    The Honda Civic is so OVERATED that I really don't understand why people buy them.
  7. Haha yah, srsly over rated.
  8. i agree with you there. My sister has a 96 civic with 75k miles on it that has been perfectly maintained (its been in the family since it was brandnew) and hasnt been in a single wreck. yet it has already needed a new headgasket and a new radiator. wtf?

    Also ive known 4 separate people who bought new Jettas at different points and ALL of them had something major go wrong within 3 years of buying it (3 of them had to have the tranny completely replaced and one blew a piston rod?).
  9. if by reliable you mean the transmission is guaranteed to fail within the first 3 years of ownership and then cost an arm and a leg to fix then yes i suppose they are reliable.
  10. Someone I know had something happen to his car after 3 years.
    All cars of this type are shit.
  11. 4 people i know had something major happen to the same type of car within 3 years. Reading is your friend. especially on a message board. dumbass

    also, lame imitations of DSM Owners already lame responses to things dont make you smart/clever
  12. I would never have bought one anyway
  13. Here, I'll write a reply.
    I'll come back and edit it later.
  14. and?
  15. You edited your last few poasts to add more snappy remarks.
  16. Next you're going to tell me that there was typing involved!
  17. 4 people still isn't proof that they are unreliable.
  18. 4 out of 4 is pretty compelling evidence if you ask me.

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