Never hear of 323

Discussion in '1992 Mazda 323 Familia GT-R' started by dumbo, Aug 9, 2002.

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    well, they did make a 323GTX in the late late 80s, can you say rally beast?
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    No, they made it also for Europe. Some of my friends have some Mazda 323, but from different years

    See ya later...
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    Well Mazda did.
    This is the homogolation Rally Car.Evo eaters then, they still run in the Group N rallies.

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  4. i almost have the same engine in my 89 mazda turbo

    it is pretty fast
  5. Re: i almost have the same engine in my 89 mazda turbo

    What do you meen almost
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    its probably the B6T<!-- Signature -->
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    yeah, you may be right. But what about the picture then? That is no 323 GTX
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    Your rite they are GTX specs, GTR is 210hp,
    and the disc brakes are not 15inches,
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  9. A Japanese car with a Spanish name??!!!

    If this is a Mazda, then why is it's name the Familia?<!-- Signature -->
  10. Re: A Japanese car with a Spanish name??!!!

    the have ripped off everything else
    form the euros and americans
    why not names too

    no honour to design a car themselves

    they even claim twin cams
    turbos and variable valve timing as their own

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    Hahaha true. But I think it's more likely created for marketing purposes.
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    Yup. Not anymore though.
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    it would be really a great car if (mazda motor corporation) put the engine of the 323F GTR in a 4 door car
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    Hello zinedene
    Great you've got your self a 323 Familia GTR, man am sure you will find it a super bug...
    you are thinking of starting the modd work on your car, well I think that the engine is too old, so my advice is to fit on your car a 2.0ltr turbocharged engine which belongs to a newer mazda 626 then start the modd work..
    a boost controller would be great to control the (PSI) pressure of the turbo.
    a 3 inch pipe racing exhaust, and good racing filter is enough...
    you've also mentioned about that you are going to get a new 6 gears gearbox, I've never heard of the type you mentioned, but it sounds good....
    I've got the normal mazda 323 4doors, engine is 1.6 ltr, I've done exterrior, custome work aerokit, 17inch wheels, and I think it looks far more better than the 323F GTR on the pic above, but am not sure if I will start the (modd work) cause my car holds a carbeurator engine, which makes me disapointed all the time
    ............mazda forever
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    U in Australia dude?
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    Re: funny

    Sign up forums and join the group 323gtr.
    Every1 there has experiences with Familias like myself.

    Get a 3-3.5inch exhaust, straight as possible. An airfilter cold air induce it.

    Motec M4 computer(God I got to say we aussies make teh best ECU) and 25psi you will be laugh all the way to the finish line. That will be close to 400Bhp

    Check out

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    I have never even heard of these cars before!!! Where am I!!!!!
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    I'm too dumb to navigate it
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    weak. They had very little power; a 92 impreza turbo would rip it a new one.
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    It's unfair to compare the 323 GTX to a '92 Impreza, especially if you are referring to the J-Spec Type-RA model. 1992 was the first year of the Impreza WRX and powered by the EJ20.

    However, the Familia 323 GT-R and the Impreza WRX Type-RA are closely matched competitors and still compete in rallies around the world today. Even though Mazda's bid with the GT-R in the WRC was short-lived, it provided a great and inexpensive rally car to the public thanks to homologation. The GT-Rs are still some of the most sought after hatches in Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

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