Never hear of 323

Discussion in '1992 Mazda 323 Familia GT-R' started by RLQ, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I never new that Mazda made hatchbacks in 92.
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    they did, but i'm pretty sure they were only in japan
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    well, they did make a 323GTX in the late late 80s, can you say rally beast?
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    No, they made it also for Europe. Some of my friends have some Mazda 323, but from different years

    See ya later...
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    Well Mazda did.
    This is the homogolation Rally Car.Evo eaters then, they still run in the Group N rallies.

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  6. gtrs are really quite fast. i tested myn with no mods but the cat removed. 0-100 in approx 6.2sec factory boost around 7psi. but once i added a pod and 13psi. 0-100 in around 4.3sec and 400metres in 12.8 secs @169kmph. 1.804 60 foot time. shame bout the g/boxs and clutchs!

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