NEW 05 Steeda Mustang Q

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by SpeedRacer27, Sep 19, 2004.

  1. Yellow isn't it's color.
  2. Get rid of that stupid fog lamp damnit
  3. i like it.
  4. I kind of like it...more than the stock GT. The only problem I have is that it still only has 315hp...I mean if you're gonna have a v8 Mustang it should make at least 320 (instead of stock 300). The Camaros and Firebirds, RIP, had more power 3 years ago then the Mustang. Ford should step it up a bit.
  5. So go buy a 2005 Camaro instead and stop crying about it.
  6. 300BHP for the GT is plenty, if you want more then buy the 2006 Mustang cobra it will have over 400BHP. This new GT will make a great base for mods and I see it doing well on all levels.
  7. barf on the wing.

  8. It looks like a German tuner car.
    It's terrible.
  9. If that's his only recourse he'll be crying for a long time.
  10. dooont like it thos foglamps.......yuuuuk!
  11. Except for the super tall hood, it looks good.
  12. You guys missed my point. I like the styling of the new mustang, especially the GT, I just think it needs more than 300hp.
  13. i like the styling, i dont like the horsepower rating. and this is not rice.
  14. ok lets get this strait this is a GT not a mach 1 or cobra, its not supposed to have tons of hp, its for the guy who only has 25g and wants a new car with a v8, and 300hp is a very nice amount of hp.
  15. A mach1 only adds like 5hp...
  16. those side mirrors are lame
  17. LOL, best come back I have heard in a long time.
  18. Where are you guys getting the 315hp number from?? The article says that the mods increase power to 350..

    "The Hood Also Rises: Up top, the Technology Transfer continues with an exclusive calibration designed to maximize the performance benefits obtained from Steeda engineered underdrive pulleys, cold air induction, headers and high flow exhaust. These elements raise the performance from the factory 300hp level by a full 15% to 350hp – all naturally aspirated."
  19. SWEET looking car! I really liked the Cervini body kit, but this is looking good too.
  20. Lose the decals and paint it black, then this thing would looks kick ass, but aside from looks, things thing must handle great, and pull you threw the corners pretty well. Nice car
  21. Nice, but still no SVT.

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