New 2012 Volkwagen Beetle

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    Those lucky Oprah fans who were fortunate enough to be given a 2012 Volkswagen Beetle all those months ago now know what their new set of wheels will look like. Volkswagen has officially yanked back the sheets on the latest take on the 2012 Beetle. Longer and wider than its predecessor, the German automaker says that the vehicle's designers were inspired by the lines of the original Beetle. As a result, there's more than a little Ragster Concept thrown into the mix with a longer roof line and a more aggressively-raked windshield.

    The look isn't quite what we expected after seeing spy shots of the car frolicking around in the sun. It would seem VW pulled a fast one on us by fitting the 2012 mule with last-generation taillights at the time, as the new one features larger magnet-like units that give the 2012 model's rump a radically different look.

    The production vehicle boasts seating for four, though the back bench can be folded to allow for more cargo room in a pinch. European buyers will have their choice of four engines ranging from an efficient 1.2-liter gasoline mill to a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine and a 1.6-liter turbo diesel. At this point, it isn't yet official which exactly which of those will make their way across the Pond, but we're guessing all three, as VW has previously stated that it will bring a TDI to the States – and even offer it in a Cabriolet model.

    The 1.6-liter turbo diesel engine delivers around 105 horsepower while returning 65.7 mpg on the EU scale thanks to a start/stop and intelligent battery regeneration system. That equals out to around 54 mpg on the U.S. cycle, though the EPA may have something different to say should the oil burner show up in the States.

    On the more entertaining end of the spectrum, Volkswagen is also offering the 2012 Beetle with a 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with around 200 horsepower. Like the Golf GTI, that powerplant will benefit from a transmission with an XDS electronic differential lock as standard equipment.

    The new Beetle will debut this week at the Shanghai Motor Show and also at the New York Auto Show, so expect live shots and feedback from us shortly.

    Could be worse.
  2. Based on the Mk.6 Golf now?

    Or still a godawful Mk.4 in a shitty frock?
  3. gay

    needs to be made rear engined at least

    and ideally acknowledge adolf hitler in some way
  4. Not bad, but still a girls car.
  5. Wouldn't mind seeing a black one.
  6. I like it, but I was expecting something more radical, like an engine in the back. VW own Prosche now, so I know they can find somebody who knows how to stuff an engine in the trunk.
  7. Shitty 5 minute photoshop.

    I really like this look, and might be an option next year. TDI though, since the Beetle R will probably be pushing $35k.
  8. ugly pos, should hav enever existed!!
  9. Nice porsche.
  10. Slightly better than the previous model, but still don't like it.
  11. shouldn't have stopped latin america from producing the originals and just ship them worldwide
    vag/germans are retarded
  12. this
  14. It's fine why are people angry at it
  15. the person who buys this car is the person that everyone wants to punch in the face.

    or a chick who knows nothing about cars.

    either way, be less of a retard and jsut get a #$%#ing golf
  16. but maybe the chick is pretty
  17. maybe shes a slut and wants to suck my/your/our dick
  18. improvement over the previous model.
  19. Waiting for the GT3 version.
  20. if you buy that i will pay someone to go round to your house and slap you in the face
  21. looks better than the previous one. that's not saying much though. they need to put it into WRC and produce a hairy-chested road version of the rally car.
  22. Sucks that it'll probably just get the same 2.0L 140hp TDI thats in the Golfs/Jettas. Really wish we had the 1.6 option.
  23. oh i like this stop yelling at the car everyone

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