New 5-Series vs rivals

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by dani san, May 2, 2010.

  1. nope 3 series is better. Same with C class, and id take a passat if i wanted gadgets.
  2. The only time the C-class was better than anything else was back when it was still called 190 and the E36 wasn't released yet. On top of that the IS was affordable as well. The only flaws that were mentioned was that it didn't have as much torque as the competition and that it was prone to oversteer. Big pluses were the sporty drive (even the E46 3 didn't get that comment) and its very complete equipment.
  3. Most lexuses (lexi?) are more comfortable, more reliable, retain value better, cheaper to operate, offer more features, and are less expensive than their german counterparts.

    They might not be the most exciting things on the planet, but in terms of luxury, they do it the best. totally hassle free too.

    theres a reason lexus outsells them.
  4. Lexus doesnt outsell German brands. Lexus are luxury cars for people who know nothing about cars. The interiors are chincy, the designs are ugly, the cars are uninspiring lumps. The sole reason why lexus originally retained value was that Toyota guaranteed a buy back in order to artificially create a second hand market. Lexus interiors arent luxurious, they are a slightly ritzed up Toyota. A nice merc or audi interior kills any lexus. I would not drive a lexus if i was payed too. (well i would, but i still dont like them.)
  5. lexus is the #1 selling luxury car maker in america, the largest market for luxury vehicles.

    And again, Nobody cares that you want a luxury car to be sporty. Most people buying luxury cars want something comfortable, reliable, ergonomic, high in value, etc, something that lexus does better than any other maker (which shows up in its sales).

    I never said they were exciting. Theyre not. But who cares? Thats like asking a camry to be the fastest thing on the ring, or an exige to hold a family of 8. Its completely irrelevant to the cars goals.

    The goals are A: Be comfortable, and B: Not piss you off. Little things dont break (shit everywhere on german interiors), your cup fits in the cupholder (all german makes), repairs arent heinously expensive (all german makes), the doors close nice and easy (BMW 3 series), etc. Its the little shit on a day to day basis that adds up to make it an all around better product.
  6. The new 5series looks really good, but if i had to choose, i would pick the A6 avant (phantomblack metallic)

    probably the 2.7tdi or the 3.0tdi would be my pick!

    three very good cars anyway.
  7. None of those, I'll take a Jag thanks. Of those, the Audi.
  8. USA is not the world. It is not our fault that American's are fat and stupid (hence the oversized cupholders and buying lexus.)
  9. Why all the hate towards Lexus?

    Did one run over your dog or something?
  10. because theyre pretty shit.
  11. not shit
    but soooooooooooooooooo boring
    lexus for the most part is for people who dont like cars
  13. I could say the same for most BMW, Audi, and especially MB.

    Yeah, most of the cars are boring to drive in the sense of speed and performance, but if that's all that mattered, there wouldn't be a luxury segment at all.
  14. lexus makes the msot meh luxury cars
  15. 530 > E350 > A6
    But I`ll take the benz.

    BTW, how much did BMW payed for that article? It totally kissed BMW`s ass all the way
  16. I drove a Lexus GS430 for a week and I loved it.
  17. jag xf all day everyday.
  18. BMW - All good

    M-B: Designwise it has issues....Might appeal to people over 60
    Audi: Plain boring, dated design and fwd...It's a wifes car...
  19. Quattro is your FWD answer
  20. once again, you prove to be an idiot.
  21. They cant sell them for shit in Australia, my old man got offered a V8 one for like a $30k discount, brand new.
  22. WHy would you buy any of these when you can just get an X5, the greatest car on the planet?
  23. they all look like (and are) fat ugly disposable turds
  24. hahaha c-class of that generation was total shit
  25. lexus outsells those becasue theres alot more old dull asain people

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