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Discussion in 'Artwork - Photoshops and Sketches' started by theimportguy, Mar 26, 2006.

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  2. So...the last one kinda fell apart. I want to try this again. Maybe Bugattiart and Plucke can still do the judging thing again if they want or we could make it up to posters in general... or a combination of the two. That would pretty much mean they get judged then after voting is complete, they can come out and say which were the best. I'd probably assume that the ones picked by judges would be the same as the posters. Or it could be we see what the posters think, but go by what the judges decide. Either way, it should be discussed here. I hoping Bugattiart would like to go ahead with the donation of one of his prints to the winner(s) of the two catagories. I hope this is ok as it would make the contest much more worth it. If not...that is ok. that would be alot of extra work.

    I would like the contest to run from April 1st till May 1st. One month is good me thinks.

    Give me feedback and hopefully we can get this one off the ground better than last. I hope to get the rule and regulations down for April 1st.

    Mainly need to discuss judging system and whether it should be any media or only graphite. I feel that it would be hard to judge different media due to different skill required.

    So please...disuss and give feedback for April 1st!

  3. I will still be happy to judge the contest, and of course my word still stands that I will donate a limited edition print for the winner in each category! <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    Please guys, let us know which of the below listed options you think would be the most fair solution to find a winner!?!?

    1: The winner in each category is found by a poll/voting only!

    2: The winner in each category is found by judge/judges oppinion only!

    3: The winner in each category is found by a combination of votes and judges' oppinion!



  4. IF there is to be voting, let it be vote by post. People might cheat in polls.
  5. whats CGI, oh i prefer judges because then you get all the votes at once someone could possible forget to vote, and they're could be some alliances formed and stuff.
  6. CGI = computer generated images
  7. 100% agree
  8. You are missing things. For original design, there should be a variety of views to show the design. There should be a front and rear 3/4 view, and a profile view at least, or views that will show the overall design well. You can't design the front and not think about the rear, nor can you design the front and the rear differently.

    Also, what are the categories for judging? Originality of design? Presentation? craftsmanship?

    Medium choice may affect the presentation. If I use pencils, I will definitely lose out to someone who uses markers and pastels with the same level of skills. How would you leverage that?

    If you want to have both judges and public voting, what are the weightages?

    If you get more than 10 entries, how are you going to carry out the voting?
  9. I was thinking maybe leave the judging to the judges but still have a poll to see what the members think...then the winners could be announced after the poll has been up for a week or whatever. Probably have the judges make their decision before the poll is made too so that there isn't any influence from what the memebers think...though I dont really see that being a problem.

    As for media, I think it should just be graphite. When you start mixing media, you have to take into consideration the time spent and the skill required. Painting is totally different than drawing.

    That's what I think.
  11. could we draw a 7 series and then add custom features, i have a style of drawing the rear, front, side, and interior.
  12. you can only vote once in a poll under the same user name.
  13. So...I went ahead and made it a drawing contest...just graphite. Easiest way to do it.

    Now...could I get some replies as to who will enter this and whether or not it is even worth having. Judging can be sorted out over April, but I really hope people enter this.
  14. groovy.
    Im definitely in.
  15. i already got stuffs for entry, but you got to lay out the specific rules and guidelines quickly.
  16. I know that. People have or can make different accounts.
  17. but people with different accounts can also make multiple votes by posting!
  18. I think, as little as there is, the rules have been pretty much set. Not alot of restrictions needed. Unless you know of something I should be including...let me know.

    And how does it sound to allow only 1 entry per catagory?
  19. if you want to limit it to one per entry, then you need to set the design theme.
  20. What exactly do you mean by theme? Right now it is just open, for whomever to design anything they want. Though I think I will add to the Design that you should included a front, rear, and side profiles or something along those lines.
  21. theme as in design a sports car, cross over etc... its a cool idea to have a contest but its pretty limited how u set it. for one if its only limited to graphite its not really an art contest. also being that there are no limitations on design, how do u take into consideration someones drawing of a monster truck vs a sports car. w your rules, it will simply end up being a contest of who has the best craft. judging should b broken down into craft/design/originality. as far as categories go i doubt anyone is really gonna submit any raelism drawings of existing cars, the only people who really post those are not gonna be in this anyway. i dont know the idea of everything is cool and all but as is its really no different than jsut having an artwork thread for random people to post shit in, there is really no common theme for people to follow or judge.
  22. Thank you for the clarification. Many good points there...and I pretty much agree with all of them.

    I will post again in a bit with a new proposal.
  23. OMG it's April 2nd and you haven't posted your email!!!! OMG OMG!!!!
  24. I'm sorry I've totally abandoned you guys, I'm really busy right now. Thanks for continuing the contest though.

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