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  1. Im thinking up a good, new contest outline...so im sorry for the lack anything here. I will hopefully make it for the weekend.
  2. I think someone can unsticky this thread or simply delete it.
  3. how is your degree coming along? im really torn that i dropped out but it was definetly best for my situation. u got any of your models/renders online?
  4. Agreed. I tried this before, then I was going to revise it...but, I'm not going to lie, I got lazy. We will try this again sometime. Sorry guys.
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    I graduated last semester, working now, going to grad school in Fall again... wtf.

    Got some recent p-shop renders, but they are confidential... too bad.

  6. nice. so your school put u through product and trans design? is it hard finding jobs in the automotive industry? w my current major i still may have a chance to do some hollywood prototypes or some video game renders... i dunno well see
  7. Students can choose to do Product, or fight for Trans. There will be a load of people competiting for Trans, of which about 15~20 get chosen at the end of Sophmore year.

    People who choose to do Product will do it all the way through.
  8. So what happend to this contest?
  9. nothing
  10. Yeah...when I looked at it more, it needed more guide lines and things of the sort, so I put it off and said the thread could be un-stickied...but it never was.
  11. Well for what it's worth this was going to be my entry. :/
  12. great drawing skills
  13. Holy crap, that's awesome! Post more!

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