new Audi series:

Discussion in '2010 Audi RS 5' started by 26y4u, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. a new audi series, series-5 to be exact... but doesnt audi have enough series alreadu, but this is cool though, 2 doors for example... it reminds me of the mercedes CL series, but smaller!
  2. I get more of a low-calorie BMW 6-series vibe myself
  3. Anyone know what the price range is?
  4. tech specs? bmw needs to step up their game
  5. Yeah
  6. Looks like an older CLK
  7. yes it does resemble an old clk...and the clk is a nice "looking" car. But the S5 and subsequent RS5 are "performers." Throw on a quattro package along with lambo power (RS5) and you got a beast on the track!
  8. I saw one of these today. It looks so much better irl than in the pictures. The LED headlights are pretty cool, too. Wouldn't mind owning one..

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