New Bike , what should I buy

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  1. need a new bike , have a gs 500 currently. However insurance prices drop this year so I can actually afford insurance on something good.

    leaning towards a BMW F800S

    budget is 12 k and I don't need a track bike... something decently quick that has a nice seating position and can take a 3 hour trip comfortably ....
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  3. Ducati Monster?
  4. Awesome bike.
  5. I'd rather a Hypermotard :D

    The new Brutale 675 is looking awesome.
  6. the hypermotard is the definition of badass, it looks so mean on the road.
  7. Aprilia Dorsoduro 750
  8. turb0 busa with a long swing arm br0 so you can be big pimpin in your popped colla, tshirt and cargo shorts
  9. monster would be great however I often ride with my woman and that aint going to work on a monster .... hypermotard would be wicked gotta see what they are going for ..
  10. still a bit too much money for the 1100 , Ive read its not really worth it to get the 796
  11. lol ya right
  12. Come on let's keep this serious.
  13. Seriously though, just get a Street Triple. They're #$%#ing awesome.
  14. yeah I know what you mean & they are the right price, took one out a while ago and it was a blast... have you taken yours on a long trek yet ?
  15. ya I know right I mean how could anyone ever find one of those women types ...
  16. Only a couple ~150km rides, nothing really big. Loving it though.
  17. how does it hold up in the wind ...

    I'm going to look today when I bring mine in for some service ... see what kind of deal they can get me ...
  18. so they want like 10 k for a street trip but they also want that for a 10 k for a Yamaha fz8 which was kinda appealing for what I want in a bike
  19. As in crosswinds? Seems fine.

    Like any naked bike you cop a fair bit of wind at speed. Just take one for a test ride! It might take your license though.
  20. Buy Simmos, he won't be needing it.
  21. yeah I took one out on a demo day , but it was in prime weather and you have to ride in a group with a tour guy in the city ... so while it was still a blast its not like I got a good feeling of what it would be like to live with ... on a side note I showed my woman the Fz8 and the Triumph and she hands down like the Triumph. I would get the old model with the round headlights I think thou ...
  22. Buy crash pads...

    <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

    Did my first trackday crash today, from around 70Km/h cleanly, entirely on asphalt. The crash pad and exhaust took the hit, lower fairing got scrapes and brake lever bent a bit. I took a slight hit to my shoulder, but rode again in the next set plus going to track again tomorrow.
  23. Just checked the Brutale, holy shit it's hot
  24. if you like BMWs and need to last on long trips, get an R1200RT
  25. too ugly

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