New car, but "submerged in water"

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  1. Lets say there was this ``Honda Accord`` or something, and the advertised poser for this car said this ``almost new`` automible was involved in a ``flood`` and it was ``submerged`` or something.

    Um, yall think this is a big issue? Would this auto still ``work fine`` and not be a ``huge piece of shit with rusted gears`` and what not?

    I dunno, I'm just asking like, lets pretend this is hypothetical or is happening to someone that isn't me. Just need help from people who understand the ``automobile`` and all the ins and outs. This is a complicated case dude, lotsa ins, lotsa outs.
  2. why don't you eat up, and we'll tell you.
  3. who the hell knows ugh how could you ever know such a thing how does rust even....

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  7. hahahhaha
  8. try getting more info than "car was wet" how deep? fresh water or sea water? makes big difference
  9. sounds like a good buy
  10. fresh water. dunno how to deep yall, i can try and find out if it really matters
  11. They do run better w/ water.
  12. water injection increases horsepower for short period of time so imagine an engine full of water!
  13. Hahahaha
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  17. all it would do is make it like a volkswagen. mechanically sound, but electrics will make you want to punch babies.
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  19. suoraman

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  22. if any electric stuff was submerged than you'll have issues with the car.

    Usually, when I used to buy salvage cars from copart, a flood vehicle was a no-no. It all depends, I guess.
  23. Screencapped for future awesome.
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